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The Living Kidney Donor Team

At Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes, a multidisciplinary team of specially trained staff also supports and guides kidney donors (and prospective donors) through the donation and evaluation process.

– transplant physician.   A transplant surgeon or transplant nephrologist takes a complete history and performs a physical on potential donors, reviews the risks of kidney donation surgery and provides an individual risks assessment based on current health status, lifestyle, past medical history and family history.   The transplant physician formulates a plan for medical testing and consultations to determine medical suitability to donate.

– nurse coordinator.  A nurse practitioner (NP) identifies and evaluates potential living donors and educates them on the evaluation process, surgery, life after donation and the kidney recipient’s transplant surgery.   The NP also facilitates the donor medical evaluation, orders and reviews testing, coordinates surgery and explains to organ recipients the benefits of living donor transplant.

– pharmacist. The transplant pharmacist meets with each potential living kidney donor to evaluate any current medication regimen as well as provides education regarding the usage of over-the-counter and prescription medications post-kidney donation and long term. The pharmacist collaborates with transplant doctors and nurses to ensure that each donor’s medication regimen is safe.

– social worker.   The living donor social worker performs a comprehensive psychosocial assessment with the donor along with financial counseling.   This team member works with donors and their support system to address feelings and expectations both before and after surgery, and is available to discuss any financial or psycho-social concerns that may arise throughout the donation process.

– dietitian.   The donor team dietitian will complete an evaluation to assess the donor’s dietary intake and body mass index, and will provide an individualized education and plan of care, in order to help the donor optimize his or her nutritional status prior to transplant. After transplant, the dietitian meets with the donor in the hospital to provide support and education on nutrition after transplant, to assist in dietary considerations for healing and health maintenance.  The dietitian is available to answer further questions after discharge, as well as provide further support and counseling as needed in order to maintain optimal nutritional status after the donation.

– patient advocate.  The donor advocate serves as a resource for the donor to ensure that he or she is properly educated about undertaking donation and to address any questions or concerns. The advocate is available as an additional source of support for the donor.

To contact a member of the donor team, please call: (856) 796-9370.

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