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Physical therapy (PT) provides care for patients who have physical limitations (and often pain) due to injury, degenerative conditions, or disease processes. Therapy involves exercises and activities that address strength, range of motion, pressure reduction and other important factors for restoring function and relieving discomfort. Among the many challenges that PT helps patients to address and often overcome are mobility problems, for example due to weakness in the legs resulting from neurological or orthopedic conditions. The related area of injuries to the back or spine is also a significant focus.

Occupational therapy (OT) helps patients who have physical or cognitive challenges that limit their ability to work or conduct activities of daily living. OT assists patients in finding and learning ways to overcome obstacles. This may include challenges in having a job, living independently, or pursuing a range of other options in their lives. Patients come to OT, for example, for innovative and creative assistance in learning or re-learning how to dress themselves, how to use a computer, how to feed themselves and a wide range of other abilities. (For this reason, OT often serves patients who have weakness or lack of control in their arms or hands.)

Speech therapy treats patients who have problems with slurred speech or loss of language as a result of a neurological condition or injury. This includes those whose communication abilities are challenged by cognitive deficits (e.g., post brain injury). Therapists in this discipline also work with individuals who have problems with their ability to swallow. Speech therapy uses various techniques and tools to help patients regain control of the complex set of abilities that permits speech. For patients with dysphagia (swallowing deficiencies), speech therapists take advantage of radiology studies that create images of the swallowing motion (as patients swallow barium-impregnated food and liquid).

These services are integrally incorporated in Virtua’s widely respected rehabilitation-medicine service.

For more information, please contact our Patient Scheduling department at: 877-APPT-LHS (877-277-8547) 7:30 am – 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

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