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Request Your Appointment for Cardiac Rehabilitation

Request Your Appointment for Cardiac Rehabilitation

Outpatient cardiac rehabilitation helps to get patients mobilized and to assess their capacity for physical exertion and for resuming other activities of life and daily living. It builds on and provides continuity for any initial cardiac rehabilitation that may take place for some patients in the hospital.   Cardiac rehab on an outpatient basis facilitates the reconditioning process that is essential to regaining health and independence as fully as possible.

Under the medical direction of an experienced cardiologist, the team of therapists, nurses and physicians help patients resume activity safely and move toward a healthier lifestyle. The team helps patients identify limitations, work within limitations and overcome limitations. During visits to the cardiac rehabilitation facility at Virtua Health & Wellness – Cherry Hill, patients undergo a series of carefully monitored exercises.

Education regarding ongoing physical conditioning, nutrition and cardiac risk-factor modifications is an important part of this care. The program is custom-tailored for each patient and paced according to his or her condition and capabilities. Family members may also attend during this care to gain an understanding of the patient’s safe range of activity, recommended goals, at-home regimen and need for follow-up appointments.

For more information, please contact our Patient Scheduling department at: 877-APPT-LHS (877-277-8547) 7:30 am – 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

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