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Using Today's Most Modern Approach to Chronic Wounds

Under the medical direction of a specialized, wound-care physician, a team of experienced doctors, nurses, and technicians brings uniquely focused care to patients at Virtua’s wound-care centers. These special clinicians assess each patient’s overall healthcare needs as part of determining the patient’s course of treatment for wound healing.

The team concentrates on the most up-to-date essentials of wound dressing, wound cleaning and disinfection and wound protection. The Virtua centers use the most advanced additional approaches to wound care, as needed, including:

  • hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), which accelerates healing by increasing oxygen in the wound environment internally, as a result of patient sessions in a hyperbaric chamber;
  • Apligraf, a living bi-layered skin substitute that can help wounds to heal over;
  • endovascular laser treatment, in which the staff uses a laser to treat varicose veins from within (permitting patients to avoid vein-stripping surgery);
  • and vacuum devices to help close wounds.
Many different conditions cause wounds, and many factors can account for the failure of these wounds to heal.

In coordination with the patient’s referring physician, the staff helps to assess and make suggestions or interventions to improve each patient’s overall health to, in turn, enhance the healing process. This includes evaluating the patient’s nutritional status, as well as his or her heart, lung and vascular health –– and may involve referral for cardiac, pulmonary, or vascular care. Likewise, staff members confer closely with referring physicians from these and other areas. In addition, they assist in managing arrangements for the patient’s at-home care.

Learn more about Virtua’s wound-care services:

Learn more about The Wound Healing Center at Virtua Willingboro Hospital.

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