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Patient-Centered Wound Care

Treatment Plan

Virtua wound care centers’ physicians and nurses carefully evaluate each patient and develop a highly customized care plan. The plan combines visits to a Virtua wound center (for treatment and monitoring) with detailed home-care instructions. It also entails good communication between the Virtua team and the patient’s healthcare provider or referring physician or institution, whether these are primary- or specialty-care clinicians or staff members. All procedures and protocols that the Lourdes team uses meet Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) standards.

In addition to direct wound treatment, care may include recommendations on lifestyle changes, such as those related to diet, smoking cessation and physical activity. They may also involve positioning and equipping the patient better for rest or mobility, which, in turn, can require collaboration with rehabilitation medicine.

If team members should determine that a patient’s wound or related conditions require immediate hospitalization, they can refer and admit the patient directly to Lourdes or to another acute-care hospital. Conversely, they provide the next stage of care for patients discharged from a hospital with ongoing wound-care needs (including those have received grafts or other significant surgical procedures relating to the skin).

Education and Prevention

As part of the individualized course of care, staff members will teach each patient (and their caregivers) to care for problem wounds. This includes learning how to apply dressings and devices, and understanding how to prevent future wounds. Diabetes education and counseling proves important for many patients as well.

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