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One of the most likely reasons that a woman makes an unanticipated visit to her gynecologist is for a common urinary or genital infection. These infections include infections in the bladder or ureter, vaginal yeast or bacteria infections and sexually transmitted diseases.

With decades of experience, Lourdes gynecologists know to how identify the source of the problem and promptly treat it. They provide medical care as well as preventive counseling.

Lourdes gynecologists take infections of the reproductive or urologic tracts very seriously, working with patients to promptly resolve them and provide guidance on avoiding them.

Because some women repeatedly experience these kinds of infections, and because their symptoms are often difficult, genitourinary infections can be one of the most vexing routine problems in women’s health. Lourdes gynecologists are fully equipped to to use the latest means against them and to advise their patients on how to avoid these conditions.

Left untreated, these like any infections, of course, can have serious consequences including, systemic spread, compromised ability to become pregnant or sustain a pregancy and pelvic inflammatory disease. Lourdes gynecologists seek to work closely with patients to combat these conditions, including using the lastest in lab analysis and antimicrobial therapy.

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