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Virtua gynecologic physicians offer full-service care for a woman’s health needs. This includes ongoing attention to regular healthcare and highly specialized diagnosis and treatment, including exceptional surgical services.

The last two decades have seen many new trends in women’s health, including more effective medications for a variety of conditions, better understanding of the complexities of the female reproductive system and amazing new tools and techniques for surgical operations that are more effective yet less invasive. Virtua gynecologic staff members, including specialists who are fellows of the American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology, pride themselves on staying at the forefront of these clinical advances.

With a complete orientation toward women’s health, and gynecologic services, Virtua Gyn specialists provide a comprehensive resource for their patients–delivering both routine care and advanced interventions.

Primary Gynecologic Care

Virtua gynecologists offer the full range of general care to women. Able to serve as primary physicians for their patients, these clinicians offer comprehensive services in general, gynecologic and genitourinary women’s care. Their vigilant attention to health, wellness, risk assessment, early detection and disease management is based upon screening, evaluation and intervention, as well as referral and collaboration with other specialists as needed.

Virtua gynecologic staff offers practiced, experienced attention to these areas:   adolescent gynecology; behavioral health (anxiety, depression, substance abuse); bleeding;   breast health;   bone health;   cancer;   diabetes-related metabolic conditions;   domestic violence (physical, sexual or other abuse);   endometrial conditions (including endometriosis and uterine polyps);   gastrointestinal disorders;   infections;   heart health and cardiovascular disease;   incontinence/urodynamics/pelvic muscle function;   infertility;   menopause care (including perimenopausal syndrome);   menstrual and menstrual-related disorders;   obesity, diet and exercise; ovarian cysts;   pelvic pain; sexual function;   sexually transmitted diseases;   uterine fibroid;   and thyroid conditions.

Many types of pelvic or genito-urinary-reproductive problems can cause similar types of discomfort and other symptoms. Careful evaluation and diagnosis is essential for conditions of the female reproductive organs and related systems.

Minimally invasive gynecologic surgery at Virtua includes endometrial ablation, cyst removal, hysterectomy, pelvic-floor reconstruction and other procedures.

The Most Up-To-Date Continuum of Care Options

Virtua gynecologists take advantage of the most modern testing, including in-office testing and state-of-the science imaging from Virtua’s radiology services to screen, evaluate and diagnose. Emphasizing patient education and communication, they work to provide informed care each step of the way.

Virtua urology specialists take a careful, stepwise approach to treatment that emphasizes conservative and medical treatment and that minimizes the invasiveness of treatment whenever possible. The staff uses the latest in drug treatment and other noninvasive therapies to address many conditions.

When direct intervention is necessary, the staff can take advantage of nonsurgical procedures or surgical procedures that don’t involve incisions. Conventional care of genital conditions and use of dilation and curettage, and other standard techniques permit routine care.

Endoscopy in an important tool in gynecology, permitting gynecologic steps that reach into the vagina, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. accessing these areas transvaginally, without the need for a conventional operation. Colposcopy and hysteroscopy allow Virtua’s highly trained gynecologic surgeons, for example, to examine the reproductive tract, and perform biopsies, repairs, resections and other surgical steps without having to cut into the abdomen or pelvis.

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The Foremost in Gynecologic Surgery

Responsible gynecologic practices, such as those associated with Virtua, recommend surgery as an option only if other types of care are not appropriate or not adequately effective. The gynecological surgery team at Virtua has decades of experience in minimally invasive strategies and technologies in the operating room–and substantial experience with the latest refinements of these procedures that reduce pain, scarring and recovery time.

Virtua gynecologic surgeons offer the complete range of options in surgery, with the most up-to-date options. This means providing experience in both highly refined open surgical procedures and in newer less-invasive laparoscopic surgery. The latter approach increasingly includes single-port approaches–laparoscopy using a single small incision, rather than several button-hole incisions, permitting entry of all the surgical tools from one port, and further decreasing operative impact and recovery time.

Furthermore, using robotic surgery for laparoscopic procedures means giving patients the most advanced option available in surgery. The approach allows surgeons a more robust ability to visualize, manipulate and remove or repair organs and tissue with less variation and more reproducibility in the procedure. Robotic surgery is successful and popular with patients, many of whom who seek it and chose it when it is an option. Patients who have put off surgery to resolve a gynecologic problem or are facing a hysterectomy should consider robotic surgery.

Comprehensive, Skilled Practitioners

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Many women find the wellness programs a particularly important addition to their care.

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