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Virtua gynecologists offer experienced consultation to women who want to achieve pregnancy.

Delivering complete care for these needs means that the Virtua service provides the full gamut of options and techniques in family planning, and in enhancing and restoring fertility. Reproductive endocrinologists and surgeons in the Virtua gynecology service take pride in the record of success in caring for the reproductive needs of their patients.

Virtua gynecologists skillfully blend time-proven and high-tech solutions to achieve success for their patients in the complex field of fertility treatment.

The Virtua staff provides expert medical care for women experiencing difficulty in achieving or maintaining a pregnancy. Careful evaluation to assure that the specialist identifies the correct cause is essential. The Virtua gynecologists/reproductive endocrinologists work to determine the best course of care, based on diagnostics that may include hormonal testing and radiologic studies of the reproductive tract, as well as reproductive testing of the woman’s partner.

Learn more about fertility evaluation at Virtua.

Intervening to achieve pregnancy may involve natural cyclical methods, hormone treatment, surrogate carriers among other techniques. Normalizing ovulation can also require treatment for obesity (which in some cases involves referral for bariatric surgery) or care for insulin resistance (or polycystic ovarian syndrome) or hormonal abnormalities. It can also mean undergoing treatment of the reproductive organs, which may include minimally invasive surgery for the following conditions:

Laparoscopic lasers and robot-assisted surgery often serve as key techniques in repairing a woman’s reproductive system to achieve fertility. Virtua gynecologic surgeons have an exceptional level of experience in these areas. They also have a national level of success in treating multiple miscarriages due to cervical weakness.

The gynecology service at Virtua offers evaluation and help for women who experience multiple miscarriages. Learn more.

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