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Breast Health

Staying watchful for health issues related to the breast, and taking the optimal and most timely care steps in breast health, is important for a woman and can mean the difference in a woman’s health and can require a team effort between her and her medical providers.   Breast health is often a collaboration between a women and cross-disciplinary group of both primary and specialty medical services.   Virtua takes seriously this coordinated preventive, diagnostic and treatment approach to both acute and lifelong care for breast conditions.

Breast care is one of the most important considerations in a woman’s health –  worthy of the kind of coordinated efforts found at Virtua in monitoring for and intervening with breast conditions.
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Virtua primary and specialty providers can help a woman manage a lifelong breast health program.

Monitoring breast health starts with self-awareness and with regular care from a personal physician.   Following the latest recommendations, a woman can avail herself of the right screening steps, which should include the highest quality mammography services.

When surgical intervention is necessary for conditions such as breast cancer, having a surgeon who understands and regularly applies the latest advances and standards of care is essential.   Virtua breast surgeons also work with medical and radiation oncologists who offer the foremost capabilities.

See these core resources for breast health  at Virtua:

  • Primary Care. Virtua family doctors, general practitioners and internists provide the type of regular, routine medical care that helps women understand breast health (including the importance of family history), remain vigilant for abnormalities and maintain the proper healthful and screening practices.   Learn more.
  • Gynecology. Women may also choose to receive their regular, ongoing care from a gynecologist, who among Virtua staff members  can likewise provide a first level of care for checking on breast health and providing the best referral decisions if specialty care is required.   Learn more.
  • Breast Imaging. Just as important as understanding the latest age-related recommendations for preventive breast x-rays and other screening steps is finding a center for imaging that maintains advanced digital equipment and provides a service with the highest quality standards.   Virtua mammography unit and other components of its respected radiology department take pride in serving as a reliable source for such screening as well as for ongoing diagnosis and follow up.   Learn more.
  • Cancer Care. Virtua breast surgeons, radiation oncologists and medical oncologists work with referring physicians to reach the most informed consensus for each step of care for patients with benign or malignant abnormalities involving the breast. They offer the range of today’s options for combatting breast cancer, also helping patients with function and self image during and after treatment, and assisting women through every stage of care. Learn more.


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