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Urologists at Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center and Lourdes Medical Center of Burlington County are providing the very latest in advanced procedures for urologic conditions affecting men and women. Each of our devoted professionals is dedicated to determining the most effective treatment for your urological issue. Most importantly, they specialize in minimally invasive procedures so you experience less pain, less recovery time, and ultimately less worry.

For an appointment with a Lourdes urologist, call 1-888-LOURDES.

Urologic Surgery

The da Vinci® STM Robotic Surgical System is the most advanced minimally invasive tool for the treatment of prostate cancer as well as other select urologic conditions. It allows surgeons to use small incisions, so patients experience less pain and blood loss. Patients recover quicker, and have a better chance of retaining bladder control and sexual function than with previous surgical techniques.

Better Clinical Outcomes

Patients who undergo prostatectomies with the da Vinci® report better outcomes than those who undergo standard laparoscopic surgery. Benefits of a da Vinci® prostatectomy include:

  • Decreased blood loss;
  • Shortened length of hospital stay;
  • Decreased postoperative pain;
  • Better cosmetic incision;
  • Shorter urinary catheter time;
  • Faster return to regular activities;
  • Anticipation of improved potency and continence.

Candidates for Robot-Assisted Prostatectomy

Patients considered for robot-assisted prostatectomy should meet the same criteria as those considered for traditional laparoscopic or open surgery. This includes patients whose prostate cancer is “local,” has not spread to the pelvic lymph nodes, nor has spread anywhere else in the body (metastasized). In addition, patients are not likely candidates if they are morbidly obese (BMI > 40); have a previous history of TURP (trans-urethral resection of the prostate) or radiation therapy, have had extensive abdominal surgery, among other conditions.

Additional Resources for You and Your Family

To learn more about the da Vinci® STM Surgical System or for a referral to a surgeon who performs this procedure, call 1-888-LOURDES (568-7337).

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