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Colonoscopy at Lourdes

colonoscopy01Colonoscopy is the most common form of screening and diagnostic endoscopy that gastroenterologists perform. The test is recommended initially for everyone at age 50 (earlier if risk factors are present) and every ten years thereafter (if the exam is normal and there are no risk factors).

Lourdes gastroenterologists take this test very seriously and pride themselves on their many years of experience with this procedure and the quality of their exams. The staff is skilled in helping patients with preparation and in making colonoscopy exams as easy and stress-free as possible.

The procedure requires a fasting and bowel-purging preparation beginning the day before the exam. It also requires twilight sedation during the endoscopy.

Afterward the exam, patients are woken by the staff in the recovery room, at which point the Lourdes gastroenterologist will discuss the results of the exam with the patient and will review any follow-up care necessary. The patient must arrange for transportation home, as driving is not permitted immediately after this procedure due to mild after-effects of anesthesia.

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