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Surgical Oncology

Virtua seeks to put patients in the best hands possible when a diagnosis of cancer needs to be addressed. While cancer can be a complex condition to fully treat, the central form of treatment is often surgery. In this case, the Virtua surgery team works with the patient’s nurse navigator to coordinate the full course of care.

da Vinci cancer surgery

Virtua surgeons who treat cancer work closely with other specialists on the Virtua’s comprehensive, multidisciplinary, collaborative cancer team to carefully coordinate care plans according to the latest and most effective protocols. Virtua’s organized system for offering the best interventions for a full range and types of cancers relies in part on experienced surgeons who specialize in specific cancer sites:

  • Virtua breast surgeons offer each of the different forms of breast cancer surgery as well as all of the latest types of immediate breast reconstruction.
  • The expanding team of accomplished Virtua thoracic surgeons focuses on the most up-to-date and minimally invasive forms of lung and other chest and cancer-related surgery.
  • Virtua urologic surgeons were among the first in the region to treat prostate, bladder, and other types of urologic cancers with advanced robotic operations.
  • Virtua gynecologic surgeons have many years of successful practice in surgical procedures for ovarian and cervical surgery, and other GYN cancers.
  • Virtua general surgeons provide surgery for a variety of types of cancers, and may have a subspecialty focus or experience in certain areas including breast cancer or gastrointestinal cancers (including colorectal cancer), or endocrine cancers (including thyroid cancer).
In its region, Virtua has helped pioneer use of robotic surgery for cancer treatment. Its surgeons have been in the forefront and among the first take advantage of this increasingly important form of surgery. Learn more about robotic surgery in cancer treatment.

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