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Nurse Navigator

The cancer program’s nurse navigator is a go-to contact for patients and families with concerns or questions, or need of direction or assistance.

An oncology nurse navigator is a rare and truly valuable feature of any cancer program. At Virtua, this team member is a specially trained oncology nurse who guides the patient and family through the cancer-care process. This experienced, registered nurse works daily with the cancer team.

The oncology nurse navigator may initially consult with the patient who has had an abnormal screening to provide support, to help create a framework for this news and to assist the patient and family in understanding next steps. Often patients who consult with the nurse navigator have had a radiologic examination with positive findings and need to see a surgeon next. The nurse navigator also meets with patients before, during or after treatment, including conferring with them around the time of surgery, or sometimes concurrent with radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

A knowledgeable support professional in this role can help with the transitions from one phase of care to the next, and assist patients with putting in perspective each new development in their care. Virtua’s experienced, caring oncology nurse navigator can:

  • guide patients through the health care system
  • expedite appointments for surgery, medical oncology and radiation
  • direct patients to additional healthcare services for further diagnosis and treatment
  • connect patients with local resources and support
  • help patients and families get their questions answered
  • find more information on care options and alternatives.

Virtua’s oncology nurse navigator can also help patients with issues of self-image or appearance related to cancer and its treatment, and is especially engaged with women requiring such support. The nurse navigator works with the cancer program’s specialized oncology social worker to refer patients who need psychological, social or physical support.

The oncology nurse navigator function answers a special need in cancer care. Patients and their families greatly appreciate a contact and support professional on their team who is available to answer any questions and who is prompt and responsive on all issues and on needs of assistance.

To contact the oncology nurse navigator, call 856-793-5791.

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