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Clinical Trials Access

Clinical trials offer access to investigative care with the potential to benefit the individual participant and the broader population of patients with similar cancer conditions.

Patients who want to avail themselves of the latest possible treatment, to gain a greater chance of cure and to help other patients, may want to enroll in investigational treatments. Virtua participates in networks of cancer treatment centers that organize such care as part of research to improve techniques for combatting and addressing a variety of cancers.

Patients who meet eligibility requirements for type and stage of cancer, and previous treatments, may be selected for these innovative trials that seek to improve care. The treatments may represent new approaches or may be aimed at potentially important refinements of existing regimens of care.

Virtua surgical, radiation oncology and medical oncology specialists can offer patients participation in such trials when they deem a patient’s case a good match for the type of clinical care offered. The program’s oncology nurse can also help discuss these options with patients and families, and explain the steps required.

The Virtua cancer team may refer the patient for the trial or provide investigative treatment, either way following the patient and helping to submit the results of care. Care offered in trials is not yet proven to have superior effectiveness to standard care, but patients stand the chance of benefiting from it when successful and, in all cases, help fellow and future patients through their participation.

Patients interested in pursuing care through a clinical trial should discuss this possibility with their Virtua cancer specialist or nurse.

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