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Exemplary surgical services have always helped to define Virtua.   Today, these interventions straddle a host of specialty areas and are benefitting from leaps in surgical techniques and tools that make all types of operations more effective and easier to undergo.

Surgery at Virtua stands ready when other less-invasive approaches are not adequate. Surgeons at Virtua must be convinced that conservative, noninvasive means of treatment are not effective enough to resolve the condition before considering a surgical solution.  In these cases, a host of established successful operations and surgical methodologies solve a long list of health conditions, saving lives, relieving pain and returning function to individuals of all ages.

With the help of pioneering surgeons at Virtua, a variety of types of surgery have become safer, more exacting and faster to recover from–including through use of state-of-the-science robotic surgical techniques.   Virtua surgeons work to offer the optimal choices and approaches for each patient.

See these core resources at Virtua:

Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital offers an Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Program.

Enhanced Recovery is a method of treatments to help you recover from surgery. With this approach, medical specialists from several disciplines work with you to help you:

  • Get out of bed soon after recovery
  • Eat and drink soon after recovery
  • Experience optimal pain control using mostly non-narcotic medications

Research shows that patients treated with an Enhanced Recovery approach recover faster and have fewer complications than with traditional approaches.

In most cases, multidisciplinary care will:

  • Improve the outcome of your surgery
  • Reduce the chance of complications following surgery
  • Allow you to recover and go home from the hospital sooner

Bariatric Surgery

Stomach reduction surgery, such as Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Bypass,  is proving highly effective not only in reversing obesity but in reducing or preventing progression of diabetes-spectrum conditions, hypertension and other diseases.  Virtua bariatric surgeons offer a full set of options in minimally invasive procedures, including laparoscopic surgery.  Learn more.

Cancer Care

Surgeons in a variety of specialties offer highly experienced surgical oncology expertise at Virtua. General surgeons, breast surgeons, gynecologic surgeons, urologic surgeons, colorectal surgeons, and neurosurgeons seek to provide the latest, most definitive and least invasive operations to treat all types of cancers.  They work closely with medical and radiation oncologists.  Learn more.

Cardiothoracic Surgery

An expanded section on cardiac and lung surgery at Virtua offers the full gamut of capabilities and places special emphasis on minimally invasive and robotic surgery for exacting interventions with shorter hospital stays and faster recoveries.  Surgery for all types of heart and lung disease, and other chest surgeries define a comprehensive service pushing new boundaries to improve effectiveness and patient safety.  Learn more.

Colorectal Surgery

Virtua experienced colorectal surgeons care for the range of needs in areas such as colorectal cancer, polyps, incontinence, inflammatory or obstructive conditions, diverticulitis and other abnormalities of the colon or rectum. These highly dedicated specialists consult closely with patients and referring physicians, and take full advantage of the latest in testing, imaging and other diagnostics to gain as much information as possible about each patient’s condition.  Learn more.

General Surgery

For patients who need routine procedure or who are undergoing complicated surgery, Virtua surgical specialists deliver highly-specialized, patient-centered care and expertise to those we serve.


For years, Virtua gynecologic surgeons have helped to set the mark in their service area for quality of care for patients.  With the foremost experience in South Jersey in robotic gynecologic surgery, these advanced surgeons have set standards for precision, effectiveness and patient experience for operative procedures of women’s genital/reproductive systems.  Learn more.


Virtua offers the best in evidence-based care, performing only the procedures and amount and degree of surgery called for to correct conditions, thus putting the patient first and using approaches that provide the most benefit with the least amount of invasiveness. The stroke team at Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes is trained in a variety of types of surgical and interventional procedures.  Learn more.


Virtua orthopedists place emphasis on common conditions of the back and joints. With a concentration in the latest and most-effective approaches to spine surgery, the service helps many patients overcome discomfort and disability with proven and accepted operations.  Learn more.

Robotic Surgery

As an early adopter of the robotic surgery system, Virtua has led its service area in this rapidly expanding strategy that builds upon the minimal invasiveness of laparoscopy while adding a high level of control and visualization to help make surgery more exacting and better tolerated by patients. First in gynecologic and urologic surgery, and now in cardiothoracic and general surgery, Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes has set the pace in providing this most modern of options to its patients.  Learn more.

Sports Medicine

Emphasizing noninvasive care whenever possible, the specialists throughout Virtua that care for athletic-related injury, can offer surgery for the joints and skeletomusculature when this approach is the best means of restoring long-term strength, stability and function. Arthroscopic surgery helps a large portion of patients–children, young adults and adults–to achieve restored structure that relieves pain and returns their options in sports.  Learn more.

Thoracic Surgery

Virtua thoracic surgeons care for patients who have conditions that may require surgery or other interventions in the chest area. (“Thorax” refers to the chest.) These specialists emphasize approaches to procedures that are minimally invasive, and thus easier to undergo and recover from.   These techniques include video-assisted thoracic surgery and robotic surgery.  Learn more.


The highly regarded Regional Organ Transplantion Program at Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes saves and restores lives, as one of the few centers in the region approved to provide transplantation of the liver, kidneys and pancreas. Patients receiving new organs get the gift of life and restored vitality.  The center offers the latest options in donor compatibility and matching, and prides itself on its excellent outcomes statistics. Learn more.

Urologic Surgery

The urology service at Virtua has a special strength in surgical care, accomplished through a depth of experience with conventional, laparoscopic, endoscopic and, more recently, robotic surgery. Delivering the most advanced procedures for surgery of the prostate, bladder, kidney-ureter system and other sites, this group is a source for the best in consultation and treatment for the urinary and male genital and reproductive system.  Learn more

Wound Care

Virtua has successfully treated thousands of patients with difficult or nonhealing wounds, creating an esteemed reputation for these services. With exceptional surgeons dedicated to this unusual expertise, it performs both common and remarkable operations to save life and limb among patients who must have a dedicated service for this purpose, supported by committed nurses, nutritionists and therapists–and taking advantage of such special healing technologies as hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  Learn more.

Virtua’s modern infusion centers serve patients who need maintenance and management of indwelling catheters.  Learn more.


Robotic Surgery

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