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Vascular Center

Interventional radiologists carry out most of their procedures by introducing a catheter (a small, flexible tube) into a blood vessel in the body and then, under X-ray guidance, advancing the catheter to a site that needs intervention. Often access is through an artery or vein in the leg or neck, via a very small cut in the skin.

Devices directed to vessel sites via catheters permit Virtua interventional radiologists to open or block vessels, to place stents of various kinds, to remove debris, to destroy targeted tissue and to take other physical steps. Specialists in the Vascular Center of Lourdes’ interventional radiology service provide an expanding range of such procedures including:

Interventionalists provide a range of essential procedures involving blood vessels.

Graft revisions or angioplasty of internal vessels

The specialists can open or configure vessels for dialysis patients. This includes establishing and maintaining different types of vessel access for dialysis. The interventional staff also supports internal organ procedures, including working with Lourdes’ accomplished nephrology and hepatology staffs. This includes treatments for patients in the respected transplantation program at Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes who experience occluded kidney or liver vessels, and also includes balloon angioplasty of blood vessels in the liver that cause hepatic portal hypertension.


Interventional catheters can remove blood clots or infuse clot-dissolving medications directly to blocked locations (thrombolysis). Radiologists use this approach, for instance, to treat deep vein thrombosis or blood clots in the lungs. This may include placing filters to prevent blood clots from traveling through the circulatory system.

I.V. Line Insertion

The radiologists use imaging to guide their placement of different kinds of intravenous lines and devices, and subcutaneous ports.

The radiologists also use additional interventional procedures to address varicose veins and varicocele.

In addition, Virtua specialists in cardiology and in vascular surgery offer catheter-based interventional procedures for peripheral vascular disease (a condition that most often causes poor circulation in the legs and feet) and for aortic and cerebrovascular abnormalities.

More information on interventional radiology.

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