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Interventional Radiology

In recent years, radiology has expanded its purview beyond diagnosis and into treatment. Subspecialists in this field perform an expanding range of procedures using radiologic guidance to direct catheters and other instruments. With this approach, they can intervene in a variety of conditions to make them correctable without the need for surgery.

Virtua’s fully digital radiology system enables physicians to capture and view detailed images to guide these interventions. That means faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment in the interventional radiology suite recently designed and built by Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes with the latest technology. A large group of highly trained physicians and nurses staff this procedure unit.

Patients benefit from the speed and superior image accuracy of Virtua’s digital system, which helps make interventional radiology procedures-most of which are performed on an outpatient basis-even faster. Patients are also exposed to less radiation with the improved system.

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Interventional Radiology is helping to expand the boundaries for internal procedures that doctors can perform without surgical incisions.


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