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Breast Imaging

Virtua radiology units take great pride in the quality of their breast diagnostic services. Key to the expanding breast health program at Virtua are these types of imaging studies:

  • breast X-ray (mammography). Routine mammograms help to screen for breast abnormalities, and diagnostic mammograms focus on areas of concern.The Women’s Center at Virtua Willingboro Hospital offers digital mammography. Digital systems are filmless and use electronic imaging only, as well as computers to identify breast areas for additional inspection by the radiologist. Radiologists can zoom in on these images.  Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes, in Camden, provides high-quality film mammography, and plans to convert to digital mammography in the near future.Highly skilled, experienced staff at both centers put quality first in breast imaging and breast-image evaluation.  The American College of Radiology has accredited the mammography services at Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes and Virtua Willingboro Hospital.
  • breast ultrasound. Radiologists sometimes use ultrasound to further examine possible breast problems detected by screening or diagnostic mammogram or by physical exam.  This exam can help determine, for example, if a suspicious area is a solid mass or a common, benign cyst. A fluid-filled cyst may not require a biopsy at all.
  • breast MR imaging. With magnetic resonance imaging, radiologists can detect cancer in the breast and help determine the extent and stage of the cancer.  This tool is also an excellent way to evaluate young women who have a strong family history of, or genetic predisposition to, breast cancer.  In addition, it is helpful to persons with an abnormal mammogram that is not clearly defined on mammography or as a follow-up for breast cancer patients after radiation or other treatment.  Furthermore, it is useful as a check-up tool for patients with a known breast cancer to make sure there is no cancer in the other breast or any part of the chest wall.  (In another application, radiologists can take advantage of breast MR imaging to check the integrity of breast implants.)  Used in conjunction with breast X-ray or ultrasound, breast MR imaging is an important option for patients.
  • imaging in breast biopsy. If doctors detect an area of abnormality with the above types of imaging, the next step is often a biopsy. In some patients, obtaining these small, diagnostic samples of breast tissue requires using a trategy coordinated by radiologic imaging to locate the site of suspicious tissue.  In these cases, the radiologist and radiation technologist team will use imaging guidance to mark the areas of focus or to help them obtain the tissue sample.  Find out more, including about the different types of image-guided breast biopsy used at Virtua.

More information on breast imaging.

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