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Radiology and Imaging

Atop the priorities of imaging at Virtua is making services convenient, welcoming and accessible to patients. Virtua radiology offers valet parking and convenient hours, including early morning appointments and flexible times outside of normal hours (including weekends) when necessary. And, the service takes pride in providing care to patients across a wide spectrum demographics, as part of its mission to underserved populations.

Learn about the Women’s Center for imaging at Virtua Willingboro Hospital [PDF]

To arrange for radiology services at Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital or Virtua Willingboro Hospital:

Radiology is that indispensable field of medicine that provides diagnostic images of the body and that offers image-guided nonsurgical interventions to correct a variety of conditions and deliver a number of medical procedures. The field depends on interpreting wave forms and patterns reflecting from or transmitting through the body from such applied or stimulated energies as x-rays, ultrasound, magnetic fields and nuclear emissions. Virtua provides a full range of radiology services at both Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital or Lourdes Willingboro Hospital:

The quality of any radiology depends primarily on the skill and experience of the staff. Virtua’s team of board-certified radiologists and first-rate technologists takes great pride in performing highly precise imaging and knowledgeable image interpretation. Their reports and consults to specialists throughout Virtua, including those to the surgical staff, make possible many types of evaluations and care. Increasingly, the highly trained radiologic staff also offers treatments and direct care–including catheter-based, minimally invasive interventions–as a focus of the imaging study.

Among highlights of the Virtua service is its provision of the region’s first 64-slice CT scanning, its respected mammography program, its secure computer access for physicians to patient studies and its pioneering, innovative use of radiology to directly deliver interventions in the radiology suite for variety of internal conditions.

Virtua’s’ medical centers offer the full spectrum of dependable, high-quality radiology expected from top-level community hospitals.

Learn more about radiology at Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital:

Learn about Virtua’s advanced, digital radiology system

Lourdes Imaging Associates staffs radiology services at both Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital and Lourdes Willingboro Hospital as well as at Virtua Health & Wellness Center – Cherry Hill. At all locations, Virtua uses the most up-to-date equipment in nationally accredited radiologic units. With its environment of excellence and learning, it also hosts medical student clinical rotations and other forms of professional education.

Learn about MR studies, for the breast and the heart, and for sports-medicine injuries.


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