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Traumatic Injuries


lourdes w: ERIn part because the musculoskeletal system provides protection, structure, strength and movement to the body, orthopedic conditions often occur dramatically.  A traumatic accident or sudden injury is commonly the start of an orthopedic challenge.  Such conditions merit evaluation and management by skilled, specialized orthopedic providers so that they heal optimally and result in as little permanent compromise of function as possible.

After injury, patients depend on the Lourdes staff to put them on a path of proper healing and mending to regain strength, function and comfort.

The orthopedic staff at Lourdes welcomes patient care needs for all hard-tissue (bone) and soft-tissue (muscle, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and other connective tissue) injuries.   They may serve patients in the Lourdes emergency department and operating rooms, or in the orthwopedic offices.   Casting, splinting, bracing, pinning and plating are central to the staff’s skills, as is prescribing therapeutic care and pain management, and providing arthroscopic and open surgical repairs.

For significant injuries, physical therapy and other forms of orthopedic rehabilitation play an import role.   The staff can carefully advise patients on the right schedule for return to activities.

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