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Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is a major component of orthopedic medicine, with athletic activities and physically active pastimes a direct cause or factor in many orthopedic issues and challenges. Virtua orthopedists are familiar, experienced, and comfortable with evaluating and treating these types of problems both with conservative care and surgical interventions –– including for acute injuries or chronic-overuse problems.   Many of these staff specialists are themselves athletes, who understand the challenges, risks, and best practices in trying to maintain orthopedic health amidst high levels of activity.

The Virtua staff serves serious athletes and the casually sports minded with equal care and the most up-to-date knowledge.  Chronic soreness, as well as pulls, sprains, and tears of soft-tissues, and fractures and anatomical problems with skeletal structures are all amenable to today’s modern interventions and therapies.

The Virtua sports medicine service offers complete, timely and caring treatment. Its physicians place equal emphasis on serving the professional, amateur or casual athlete as well as other physically active individuals.

Virtua sports specialists aim to help patients attain their highest level of performance while minimizing their risk of injury or re-injury. The first focus is always on providing non-operative musculoskeletal solutions, when possible.


Full Range of Care for Athletically Related Conditions.

Sports medicine at Virtua cares for such specific conditions as:

  • elbow problems (including tennis and golfer’s elbow)
  • knee problems (including ACL strains or tears and patellofemoral conditions such as runner’s knee)
  • shoulder problems (including rotator cuff issues)
  • foot problems (including plantar fasciitis and arch pain)
  • leg problems (including shin splints, and calf or hamstring injuries)
  • hip problems (including bursitis).

Emphasis on Careful Evaluation

The Virtua sports medicine service works to see patients promptly and apprise primary or referring physicians with timely reports. Office staff work to obtain insurance pre-authorization, as needed, for x-rays, MRIs, physical therapy and other required tests and services.

The service provides the most advanced balance and gait analysis available today. The computerized FootMaxx system diagnoses biomechanical foot problems.   It also offers advanced high-speed video analysis and a variety of other diagnostic and treatment options.

Virtua sports medicine specialists put special emphasis on injury prevention and advising athletes on ways to reduce risk of significant injuries

Getting Back in the Game

The staff develops a course of care exactly tailored to each individual’s activity-related needs.   It offers all of the therapeutic, device and operative options available for today’s athletically inclined.

Knees and ankles are common sites of sports injuries, but any musculoskeletal area is subject risks.   The team works quickly to minimize damage and discomfort and move to healing.

In resolving sports injuries and musculoskeletal conditions of the active individual, the center staff can:

  • Provide the most-advanced corrective orthotic inserts, braces and supports, which the staff custom fits in the office to ensure ideal comfort and function.
  • Deliver skilled bone setting and casting
  • Assist in steps aimed at injury prevention.
  • Develop safe, effective athletic conditioning programs.
  • Offer surgical solutions when necessary.
  • Help for referring physicians in determining when athletes with medical conditions, such as mononucleosis or multiple concussions, can safely return to play.
  • Care for growth and developmental conditions of soft tissue in adolescent athletes.
  • Treat athletes with infectious diseases such as skin rashes.
  • Create customized sports nutrition programs to help athletes lose or gain weight safely.
  • Advise individuals interested in “natural” or barefoot running, help any athlete pursue minimalist running.

Integral to orthopedics at Virtua are these forms of care that may be needed to treat injuries, or support activity levels, in athletic individuals, including:

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