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Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Orthopedics is the most significant focus of the field of medical rehabilitation.  A highly developed science and skill set support this function for orthopedic patients.   Following injury, diagnosis or treatment, rehabilitation can be as important to today’s care of musculoskeletal conditions as is surgery, drugs or minimally invasive interventions and other procedures.  Without some aspect of rehabilitation as the focus or final phase of treatment, care for these conditions may fail or only partially succeed.

Orthopedic patients depend on the Virtua staff, including its experienced therapists,
to put them on a path of proper healing and mending
to regain strength, function and comfort.

PTSpecially trained rehabilitation physicians (physiatrists), nurses and therapists work everyday to bring patients through the recovery, healing and strengthening process smoothly and safely.  In the Virtua orthopedic service, emphasis on physical therapy (PT) helps many patients come through orthopedic challenges optimally.   Patients can trust the PT staff to adapt all onsite and at-home techniques precisely to their individual needs and appropriate pace – and to provide them the instruction and opportunities to complete care fully and successfully, under medical guidance.

Equipment techniques, stretching and carefully planned and monitored exercises serve to return strength, range of motion and function.   Patients appreciate the final benefits of their orthopedic course of care under the management of the rehab/PT service.

Find out more about the Lourdes Regional Rehabilitation Center.

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