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Mi-Eye Joint Evaluation

Trice_-_Mi_Eye_In_Usemi-eyeâ„¢ is a new device that uses a needle with a camera to perform a type of simplified arthroscopy (joint scoping). It allows a specialist to diagnose a joint problem in the doctor’s office.   The test enables patients to learn the cause of their orthopedic pain immediately, rather than having to wait for the results of an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging study). Lourdes is first center in New Jersey to offer the device.

In the procedure, the orthopedist numbs the joint area with a local anesthetic and inserts a needle that has a tiny (2 millimeter) camera with light source.   The specialist can move this mini arthroscope (joint scope) to different positions and angles to inspect the bone, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and other structures in the joint.   The doctor views and captures images on a tablet connected to the needle scope by a data cable.   The orthopedist uses these images for later reference and to share with the patient in reviewing the source of joint pain.

Lourdes is now offering a new imaging device to give patients real-time answers for joint injuries so they can get faster treatment.

The test takes about 10 minutes. After the doctor pulls the needle out, a bandage is put on the injection site. No recovery is needed from this diagnostic test.

With the new technology, patients may avoid the need to schedule an MRI, which is much more expensive than evaluation by mi-eye and requires two additional appointments (for the MR imaging and for meeting with the surgeon over the results).   With a real-time look at the patient’s joint at the initial evaluation, orthopedic specialists can diagnose injuries immediately and set up a treatment plan, and/or a surgery date, sooner.  

Orthopedic surgeons can also use mi-eye to inject into the knee or remove debris from the knee, and to evaluate results and healing in a surgically repaired joint.

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Lourdes Patient Testimonial: Caitlyn Hays Mi-Eye (TM) Arthroscopy Patient

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