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Back and Spinal Care

Back problems are one of the most common reasons that people see a doctor.   And the nerves that travel through, and into and out of, the spine are often involved in conditions of pain or function from this region of the body.

The orthopedic staff at Virtua takes prides in the training, experience and options it has in back and spine problems.   It works closely with patients to take a history of symptoms and understand the circumstances, needs, and activities of each individual related to these conditions.

The back does not have to be a chronic, life-defining source of problems. If cared for by the highest level of orthopedic skill, back and spine problems can be corrected, controlled, healed or reduced.
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Care at Virtua spans all needs in this area:

  • The specialists address muscular pain and spasms through conservative means, by prescribing stretching, exercise, massage, physical or occupational therapy, and a variety of manipulation techniques.   Muscle relaxing medications can also be effective.
  • Herniation or rupture of the flexible discs between vertebrae can cause pressure to nerve roots, bringing significant pain and/or functional problems.   Disc conditions are widespread and virtually everyone develops some amount of disc compression with age.   Significant weight-bearing or impact activities are contributors as well.   Physical therapy (including at-home techniques for reducing pressure on discs), anti-inflammatory medications (including by injection at the site of the disc protrusion) and, in severe cases, surgery can help to alleviate these abnormalities.   These types of interventions  can relieve the significant discomfort, numbness and other symptoms of disc problems.
  • Fractures to vertebrae of the back can be the result of a traumatic injury or bone weakened by age and osteoporosis.   The Virtua team manages these conditions on an individual basis with a range of care, from conservative treatment of symptoms to open surgery to brace or fuse vertebrae.   Today, they have also had significant success with a type of intervention that uses a needle to inject bonding substances that repair breaks in vertebrae.

Learn more about nonsurgical treatment to repair fractured vertebra.

The staff provides knowledgeable management of other back and spine conditions, such as spondylolisthesis (forward shift of a vertebrum), scoliosis and sciatic nerve problems.

From a variety of mainstream and specialized alternative therapies to new interventional techniques to the full gamut of state-of-the-science surgical procedures, the Virtua orthopedic staff offers a full set of options for resolving or minimizing back and spinal conditions.   Patience during healing and management is often key to overcoming these conditions.

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