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Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Today, medical care in orthopedics can keep more people of all ages active, mobile and athletic.   And tens of millions of Americans need just such services due to arthritis, injury or other orthopedic condition.

Wikimedia Commons: Frank Gaillard

Wikimedia Commons: Frank Gaillard

Because of activity levels at all age groups today, quality modern orthopedic care is even more valued and in high demand. Virtua offers patients the most up-to-date services for joint conditions and other musculoskeletal needs or problems, at multiple care locations.

Estimates are that more than 60 million Americans have some form of symptomatic joint conditions resulting over time from wear and tear, recent or past acute injuries or inherited risk.

Virtua understands that patients who seek the services of an orthopedic specialist wish to reduce pain and return to a more normal level of activity as promptly as possible.  AtVirtua, the experienced orthopedic specialist who a patient consults with remains that patient’s orthopedist throughout the course of care (which is not delegated to junior staff members).

Virtua board-certified orthopedists/orthopedic surgeons and rehabilitation specialists, and its therapists, work to discover the cause and develop a treatment approach that works best for each individual.   The team collaborates to deliver care that is as conservative as possible and yet still effective.

The orthopedic staff atVirtua has a strong relationship with its community.   The specialized group connects with athletic programs, care facilities and the broader healthcare network, providing preventive education, care consultation and other resources.

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Sports medicine
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Traumatic injuries (including fractures and soft-tissue injuries)
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Manipulation therapies (including corrective muscle therapy)

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