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Military Affairs

Virtua offers personalized health services through their Military Patient Service Center to meet the unique needs of our active military service members (supporting mobilization and demobilization efforts) as well as veterans and their families. Call your personal nurse navigator at 609-901-3011 now.

Our Program

The Military Affairs program offers a dedicated team to connect our military family to healthcare appointments with quality providers. We serve as a navigator and a resource, to help you get treated quickly and efficiently. We are here to streamline the process of obtaining referrals, organizing appointments and dealing with challenges such as pre-deployment physicals, specialist care, transportation, billing and other wrap-around services.

Virtua is uniquely qualified to offer this service. Its facilities have a long history of providing medical care to the Joint Base – McGuire, Dix, Lakehurst (JBMDL) for the troops, military personnel and families. We have a strong commitment and long experience in treating our community’s many Veterans and their families.

Virtua hospitals have also worked with HealthNet, the managed care provider for the military, to assure timely and appropriate services both pre- and post-deployment.  Additionally, Virtua Willingboro Hospital provides expedited referral appointments, health promotion programs and emergency room services for the military and their families as well as veterans.

Virtua also has 25-plus years of experience in providing inpatient behavioral health services, offering crisis services as well as voluntary and involuntary treatment units.  The staff has experience in dealing with the special needs and concerns of military personnel, who may be experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and/or anxiety. Virtua has a unique expertise in this area.

This Military/Civilian/HealthNet partnership and our concierge approach have the knowledge, experience and to address the unique health issues of military personnel.

What We Do

Virtua facilities have assisted thousands of active duty soldiers and family members by:

  • Locating and securing appointments and referral services
  • Streamlining access to care for Active Duty Service Members
  • Obtain appropriate health insurance approvals and pre-authorizations
  • Coordinate care and medical records with the base Utilization Manager, Tricare and the patient Primary Care Doctor
  • Secure prescriptions and renewals
  • Arranging transportation
  • Serving as a liaisons and health advocates
  • Accessing medical records and ensuring they are received by providers
  • Securing proper Line of Duties
  • Resolving medical billing issues
  • Offering a patient portal to access record and reports from any location, at any time
  • Arranging vaccinations and disease screening
  • Screening Veteran’s Administration disability claims
  • Our goal is to remove the barriers that delay access to care for the whole military family. Active duty service members are our special focus, with needs we consider “mission crucial.” We understand that certain conditions requiring testing and approvals can impact whether a solder may be deployed. We streamline the process, fast-tracking authorizations and obtaining same-day appointments when necessary.

How it Works

Virtua wants those who serve the nation to concentrate on getting well not worry about paperwork.  That’s why it has set up a simple: just call  and the staff will handle the rest!  Navigators for this service are available daily. Call for a personal nurse navigator at 609-901-3011 now.

Working with Your Insurance

Paperwork for navigating the health insurance system is time consuming. Our staff can help.

The program works regularly work with Tricare and the VA.  The team also coordinates and manages the Logistic health contract.

Out Staff

Team members enjoy long-standing ties to the Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst community. Many are active or retired military service personnel, who understand the needs and concerns of those they serve. Some have been recognized as honorary commanders for having a record of service to the community and upholding a tradition of professional excellence. These values are evident in the quality of care in this Military Affairs program.


The Military Affairs team arranges travel assistance for veterans with transportation needs. Our staff wants to know how it can help.

Our Hospitals and Programs

Virtua has made a commitment of service to our military partners, providing acute and outpatient care at Virtua Willingboro Hospital.  For outpatient radiology and physical therapy, Virtua Health & Wellness Center – New Hanover offers a convenient center close to the Joint Base McGuire—Dix-Lakehurst. In addition, for tertiary care services, nothing can beat Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes, nationally recognized for its advanced care for heart, transplant, maternity and rehabilitation services.

Service members and their families deserve the best care, and Virtua seeks to ensure they receive it.

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