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Kidney Disease

Kidney function is essential for life and health. Without it, blood and all its critical contents don’t get purged, refreshed, balanced and restored.

For this reason, nephrology — the study and treatment of kidney disease — is one of the most critical areas of medicine, providing care that influences conditions with some of the greatest impact on society, including heart disease, diabetes and hypertension. Care for kidney disease in the U.S. annually costs many tens of billions of dollars and makes for one of the largest categories of national healthcare expenditures.

Early recognition and intervention are essential
to slowing the progress of kidney disease, maintaining quality of life and improving long-term prognosis.

Nephrologists (kidney doctors) such as those at Virtua are specially trained to focus just on kidney and kidney-related care. At Virtua, their experience with a large population of patients requiring medical care for kidney ailments and deficiency keeps them on the foremost edge of diagnostic and treatment techniques.

Nephrologists at Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital and Virtua Willingboro Hospital are skilled at helping patients with all types of kidney disorders, including persons who are in need of dialysis. Using the latest medical guidelines created by national experts, Virtua nephrologists are working hard to help keep at-risk individuals from needing dialysis. This proactive approach allows patients to gain control of medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, which contribute to kidney disease (also known as kidney insufficiency).

As a regional organ transplantation center, Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital provides comprehensive care for patients with advanced kidney disease, listed as eligible for kidney transplant. The center’s nephrologists and transplant coordinators work with transplant surgeons, nurses, social workers and other medical staff to assure a smooth transition to surgery and beyond.

Kidney function: Can’t live without it

Kidneys are indispensable mediators of physical function in the human body. This pair of organs — in the lower back-side of the abdomen and smaller each than their owner’s fist — are physiologic dynamos that:

  • remove water and waste from the blood;
  • concentrate urine;
  • balance the acidity of the blood and its minerals and electrolytes;
  • control red-blood-cell production;
  • regulate bone metabolism;
  • and help modulate blood pressure.

Each of these functions, in turn, affects multiple body systems.

In daily patient care, Virtua nephrologists collaborate with primary-care physicians, endocrinologists, radiologists and cardiologists. Learn more about Virtua’s highly experienced services in the following areas of kidney care —

Chronic Kidney Disease
Acute Kidney Disease
Kidney Disease Prevention
Kidney Disease Diagnosis
Treating Conditions Related to Kidney Disease
Kidney Stones
Interventional Nephrology


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