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Hematology is the medical specialty focused on blood and blood disorders. Hematologists care for a range of conditions that may be short- or long-term illnesses, benign or cancerous, that relate to the components, production, and function of blood.

Hematology is a subspecialty of Internal medicine that has overlap with medical oncology. Most hematologists practice as a type of oncologist, dealing with cancerous abnormalities in, or manifested in, the blood.   In this way, and because of their training, interest and experience in this area. many hematologists practice as both blood specialists and cancer specialists.

Care for the Full Range of Blood-Related Conditions

Hematologists are experts in lymphatic organs and bone marrow conditions. They have a focus on organs involved in supporting blood health, including the lymph nodes, spleen, thymus and lymphoid tissue.   They rely on and sometimes personally interpret lab studies that track that status of blood and the organs involved in its production.

Virtua hematologists offer practiced care for:

  • bleeding/clotting disorders such as hemophilia
  • blood deficiencies such as anemias and platelet irregularities
  • blood cancers or cancers that are blood borne, such as leukemias, lymphomas, and myelomas
Teaming with Other Experienced Providers

Care may involve hormonal, immune, or transfusion therapies, and chemotherapeutic or other infusion or drug treatment. It can also include nutritional management, and blood exchange and/or supplementation, as well as bone marrow and stem cell transplantation.

Virtua hematologists collaborate with experts in many other medical and surgical specialties. As part of the Virtua’s cancer program, Virtua hematologists work closely with medical oncologists and other specialists on the cancer team.

The infusion centers at Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes and Virtua Willingboro Hospital serve hematology patients. Learn more.

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