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Vascular Services

Advanced and highly skilled care for vascular conditions of all kinds, including peripheral vascular disease is a premier clinical service at Lourdes. Care encompasses a range of interventions, from minimally invasive, catheter-based procedures to complex, open surgery including  stroke prevention procedures.

Our team of endovascular and vascular specialists provide the most advanced treatments for vascular disease.

Lourdes’ service has broad, successful experience in treating:

  • aneurysms, including of the aorta (with heart-valve replacement as needed) and of brain arteries;
  • narrowing of a variety of vessels, in particular the carotid artery and peripheral vessels (including those serving the legs and feet);
  • and other malformations or abnormalities of veins or arteries.

Lourdes offers the vast experience of surgical specialists (thoracic, cardiothoracic, and vascular surgeons) and interventional cardiologists to address vascular disease and conditions of all kinds. A team approachinvolves close cooperation with radiologists and provides patients and their referring physicians with a targeted approach to treatment that always takes advantage of the most conservative measures when possible.


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