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Heart Failure Program

The congestive heart failure program at Lourdes Cardiology Services is a valuable resource for persons with significantly weakened heart function. This special service is a rare example of a  dedicated staff focus on managing heart failure in inpatients. At Lourdes Cardiology, individuals cared for by the program can benefit from the following:

  • fluid-status review and adjustment;
  • exercise-endurance testing;
  • and other heart-related assessments and counseling.
HealthGrades ®has designated both Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital and Virtua Willingboro Hospital as Five-Star rated hospitals for treatment of heart failure.See complete ratings

Treatment and evaluation is  individualized  but includes: assessment of fluid volume with a brain natriuretic peptide (BNP); order and interpretation of laboratory blood work; blood-pressure monitoring; and physical exam. Diuretic maintenance to reduce fluid overload and dietary counseling are also part of the care.

hear-failure-centerPatients who come under care of the program typically have:

  • systolic dysfunction (New York) Class 3 or 4;
  • heart failure-related diastolic dysfunction;
  • and valvular heart disease.

The program’s advanced practice nurses work with  cardiac-rehabilitation  staff as well as physicians, pharmacists and dietitians to regulate changes in the participant’s medication as well as nutritional and physical-activity regimens.  Education  is a vital part of the program’s treatment plan, for both the patient and any family members who may be involved in care. The staff offers emotional and family support along with lifestyle assistance. The goal is to maintain or improve the quality of life of participants with heart failure and to prevent emergency-department visits and repeat hospital admissions. The service assists patients with discharge transition.

Lourdes Heart Failure Center is available at several locations throughout Southern New Jersey, including Virtua Health & Wellness Center – Cherry Hill.

Learn more about heart failure and its care. [240KB PDF]


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