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Health Problems Secondary to Diabetes

Uncontrolled diabetes can ravage a host of body systems. The disease can lead to or exacerbate:

  • heart disease, including coronary disease and heart failure;
  • kidney disease, inducing a level of kidney failure that may require dialysis;
  • joint conditions, resulting from obesity and sometimes leading to joint destruction that requires joint replacement;
  • obesity-related issues, including immobility and social-personal challenges;
  • vascular disease, related to high cholesterol or high blood pressure, involving vessel blockages or abnormalities and occurring in peripheral areas such as the legs and feet or in the heart or brain;
  • chronic wounds, including ulcers, which can cause infections threatening life and limb.

Virtua provides a full range of top specialty services to address these problems-evaluating and treating these important conditions. With their leading-edge knowledge, Virtua specialists in a number of areas can offer, and update patients on, the most advanced approaches to controlling the disease, as well as on the latest developments and promising new treatments (including research on the pancreas, on vascular diseases, on hormones, and on nutritional findings that can affect diabetes care.

the Virtua Diabetes Education Program
Virtua offers a diabetes-education program, open to all. Participating in the program can be extremely helpful for patients, and Virtua urges individuals who have diabetes to enroll. This effective, well-designed series looks at managing diabetes, and seeks to simplify and explain this widespread health challenge.

Please see these services for specialized care:

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