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Daily Management of Diabetes

management-diabetesVirtua believes that education is the best weapon in controlling diabetes. Its experienced physicians, nurses and other staff members—and its  Diabetes Education Program—can help patients address the day-to-day challenges of caring for diabetes. Lourdes experienced endocrinology staff individually helps patients newly diagnosed with diabetes to learn to monitor their glucose levels and administer their self-care. Any patient in need of insulin therapy will schedule one-to-one insulin-initiation training with the program’s certified diabetes educators (CDEs).

Every-day goals for persons with diabetes should include:

  • Finding and using affordable sources of any needed drugs, including finding generic sources.
  • Demonstrating proficiency and consistency in using a glucometer and testing strips for daily blood-sugar monitoring. This means:
    • finding affordable sources of strips, including through insurance plans, Medicare programs, and online suppliers;
    • using good-quality, accurate strip brands;
    • understanding target glucose levels; and
    • knowing what to do with the results and how to take action.
  • Understanding the best, safest methods for raising and lowering blood-sugar levels, including through regular diet practices-and acting on good carbohydrate counseling, to know if and when carbs can be okay.
  • Putting to use what individuals with diabetes need to know about shoes and removable inserts for shoes.
  • Integrating exercise into the weekly routine (including, as possible, exercising through pain from other conditions, such as arthritis).
  • Managing insulin pumps and daily injections.
  • Working on coping mechanisms and on maintaining positive thinking.
the Virtua Diabetes Education Program
Virtua offers a diabetes-education program, open to all. Participating in the program can be extremely helpful for patients, and Virtua urges individuals who have diabetes to enroll. This effective, well-designed series looks at managing diabetes and seeks to simplify and explain this widespread health challenge.

An individual’s primary healthcare provider or diabetes specialist is a great source for the individual with diabetes to master these and other routine aspects of diabetes self-care.  Virtua Diabetes Education Program also covers these and many other facets of living with diabetes.

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