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Diabetes and Endocrinology

Endocrine and metabolic disorders – most specifically, conditions on the diabetes spectrum – are one of the most pervasive and increasingly challenging areas of dishealth in our society. Estimates are that about a third of adults in the U.S. have diabetes or prediabetes, most without knowing it. The portion is higher in certain demographics and the segment of the population suffering from these conditions is expected to increase significantly in coming decades. The attributable cardiovascular disease, obesity, organ and tissue damage and other results are enormous.

A determined and caring system of primary and specialty staff works to reduce and intervene with diabetes and its impact, using the latest knowledge, across the community, one individual at a time.

Lourdes approaches this public health issue with the all the energy and dedication that a health system can focus on a problem as prevalent and current as this. With its expansive accomplishments and repute in both cardiovascular services and in community medical care, Lourdes works everyday on the very front lines of combatting the effects of diabetes-related conditions.

Against this epidemic, Lourdes applies the largest system of cardiac services in South Jersey, as well as an active ABC Diabetes Education Program and a host of other respected primary and specialty services. In addition, its endocrinologists provide comprehensive clinical services for both this field and other conditions related to the hormonal system.

See these core resources at Lourdes:

  • ABC Diabetes
    Knowledge is power in combating diabetes. Patients who have diabetes have to manage their own daily care, but dealing with this complex disease can seem overwhelming at times – for anyone. Though healthcare providers can set up the treatment plan, the patient must carry it out, making important decisions about diet, exercise, and medication, including insulin. Lourdes’ ABC Diabetes Education Program helps patient learn to confidently handle this self-care and its related concerns. Learn more.
  • Daily Management
    Lourdes Health System believes that education is the best weapon in controlling diabetes. Its experienced physicians, nurses and other staff members—and its ABC Diabetes Education Program—can help patients address the day-to-day challenges of caring for diabetes. Learn more.
  • Common ChallengesLourdes Health System offers a diabetes-education program, open to all. Participating in the program can be extremely helpful for patients, and Lourdes urges individuals who have diabetes, or who are at high risk for diabetes, to enroll. This effective, well-designed series looks at managing diabetes, and seeks to simplify and explain this widespread health challenge. Learn more.
  • Health Problem
    Lourdes provides a full range of top specialty services to address these problems—evaluating and treating these important conditions. With their leading-edge knowledge, Lourdes specialists in a number of areas can offer, and update patients on, the most advanced approaches to controlling the disease, as well as on the latest developments and promising new treatments (including research on the pancreas, on vascular diseases, on hormones, and on nutritional findings that can affect diabetes care. Learn more.
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Daily Management of Diabetes
Common Challenges in Managing Diabetes
Health Problems Secondary to Diabetes
Lourdes' ABC Diabetes Education Program
Diabetes Prevention
Thyroid Disorders
Adrenal and Pituitary Disorders
Male- and Female-Specific Endocrinology

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