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Brain and Spine Care

Neurosciences are increasingly in the forefront of medicine –– no less so at Virtua, where accomplished neurologists, neurosurgeons and orthopedists, as well as physiatrists and therapists in physical medicine look to push the therapeutic boundaries of care for patients in all cases. Stroke and cerebrovascular disease; injury and chronic conditions of the spine, spinal cord and central nerves; brain tumors; epilepsy; movement disorders; neuromuscular diseases; headaches; Alzheimer’s disease and related conditions receive dedicated focus and the most up-to-date care and referral within Virtua.

Virtua works to unify the various disciplines that can define optimal care for any patient with a central neurologic injury or disorder.

Emergency care means preparedness among Virtua brain and spine services for rapid intervention and stabilization in such areas as stroke and traumatic injury. Minimizing acute damage as quickly as possible is a priority, in order to prevent or reduce long-term deficits.

Providing ongoing care to counter impairment and to manage progressive conditions is a central focus of these experienced clinical services. The staff collaborates with a comprehensive set of staff resources from cancer specialists to family physicians, from psychiatrists to physical and occupational therapists.

See these core resources at Virtua:

Stroke Program

Time is brain in stroke, and Virtua’s critical-care team spares no effort employing the latest interventions to reduce lasting effects of stroke, an effort continued throughout the hospital stay and after discharge.
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Virtua neurosurgeons have a special focus in spinal conditions, including injuries and disc problems, as well as serving as essential members of the stroke team. They offer a range of types of brain surgery, as well as other interventions for pain and functional conditions.
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Virtua neurologists are broadly trained to serve as the expert point of care for patients with the entire spectrum of nervous-system related needs, including conditions that cause pain as well as physical, functional or cognitive impairment.
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Orthopedists work to facilitate healing, or to repair, structures of the spine, including in such areas as the neck and lower back. Both orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons at Virtua offer skilled treatment of spinal disc conditions.
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Rehabilitation Medicine

Damage to the brain or spine responds to knowledgeable techniques in rehabilitation, to improve coordination, stimulate growth of nerve and neuromuscular connections, improve strength, and develop compensatory function. The staff at the Lourdes Regional Rehabilitation Center works closely with patients who have experienced stroke, back or spinal injury, trauma and chronic conditions, working to return abilities and independence.
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See also Virtua services in psychiatry and behavioral health.


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