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Surgical Weight Loss Program: What to Expect

Surgical Weight Loss Program: What to Expect

You will undergo an extensive series of interviews, consultations and evaluations to make sure that you are both a good candidate for a procedure and are fully prepared for it. Our program emphasizes personal catering in the setting of the highest standards of care.

  • An initial consult with the surgeon.
  • Lab studies and X-rays.
  • Psychiatric evaluation:  To identify any major psychiatric problems and to make sure patients have reasonable expectations and a good support system. Patients with psychiatric issues are still candidates but must have their problems under control.
  • Nutrition consultation: A registered dietician makes sure you understand important nutritional issues and the nutritional impact and limitations of surgery.
  • EGD: Esophagogastroduodenoscopy, an endoscopic examination of the lining of your esophagus, stomach, and upper duodenum with a small camera to determine if you have other disease or have a hiatal hernia.
  • Pulmonary consultation: Many patients have undiagnosed sleep apnea and this must be treated prior to surgery.
  • Cardiology consultation:  This is sometimes ordered depending on your age and risk factors.
  • Non-operative weight loss: You will be expected to maintain or better yet lose weight prior to surgery. Your procedure may be cancelled if you gain a large amount of weight. You must realize that you will eat normally after the procedure just in small amounts. If you treat every meal like it is your last in the preoperative period, you will prove to us that you do not understand the eating process for the postoperative period.

Once all the consultations have been obtained, the office will then get preauthorization from your insurance company to ensure payment for the procedure. At that time a date will be set.

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