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Road Map to Bariatric Surgery and Beyond

Road Map to Bariatric Surgery and Beyond

Congratulations on your decision to pursue bariatric surgery!

After you have your surgical date set, you will be seen in preadmission testing where you will meet our bariatric coordinator and our wholistic health nurse who will help to prepare you for surgery.

For ten days prior to surgery we place you on a liquid protein diet and expect weight loss. This helps to increase the safety of the procedure.

Hospital Course:
You will be admitted on the day of your surgery and expect to spend two nights in the hospital. Patients are expected to walk starting four hours after surgery and continuing during the hospital course. It is the best way to recover. On postoperative day one, an x-ray will be taken to check you. If all is well, you will start drinking liquids. You will be expected to take deep breaths and use a device that prevents pneumonia. We will take every measure to prevent you from getting a blood clot. Most patients are ready to leave on the second postoperative day.

Patients will go home on a liquid diet for a week. They then advance the diet starting with a week of full liquids, then a week of pureed foods, then a week of soft foods. Patients should know that they will eat regular food a month after surgery just in small amounts. Sugar is a big no-no, as are processed foods. We have a lifelong commitment to you and will see you many times postoperatively. We encourage you to come to our support group as well. As life goes on, remember, your procedure is just a tool. You must learn to eat well and healthy and to exercise. Otherwise, if you don’t change your habits, the weight will return. It is important to remember your mental health as well. A good life balance is crucial as you manage your stress and life’s curveballs.

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