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Special hospital units called sleep laboratories conduct sleep studies to evaluate patients for sleep disturbances or disorders. Lourdes’ Neurodiagnostic Sleep Lab offers such studies to diagnose a variety of common sleep disorders.

Sleep technicians painlessly attach an array of leads (thin wires with electrode ends) to the skin of the patient’s head, arms, legs, torso, and face, just prior to the patient sleeping for a night in the lab. The technician monitors the patient’s sleep, taking advantage of a sophisticated telemetry and recording system that traces each breath, heartbeat, movement and change in brain activity, to determine if patients have any abnormalities to their sleep pattern that are denying them of restful sleep.

Disorders identified include breathing-related problems (snoring and sleep apnea), restless leg syndrome, insomnia and narcolepsy. Experienced Lourdes physicians trained in sleep disorders, and serving as members of the multidisciplinary sleep-lab team, can offer a number of modern interventions to treat such disorders.

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