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e-HealthTalk Archives

May 2019

April 2019

  • Fight Spring Allergies Without Raising Your Blood Pressure
  • Trouble Sleeping Could Spell High Risk for AFib
  • Your Shopping List for Stroke Prevention
  • Is Coffee Good for Your Heart? Well, Maybe.
  • 4 Common Nutrition Myths Debunked
  • Trivia Corner: Increase Your Health IQ
  • Recipe of the Month: Vegetables with a Touch of Lemon

March 2019

  • Don’t Let Kidney Disease Sneak Up on You
  • New Filter Device Helps Protect Valve Replacement Patients From Stroke
  • 5 Ways to Treat Yourself to a Self-Care Staycation This Spring
  • How to Be an Empowered Patient in the ED
  • Don’t Forget the Folic Acid
  • Recipe of the Month: Baked “Fried” Fish

February 2019

  • To Prevent Heart Attacks, You’re the Boss
  • Dating with Heart Disease
  • Breakfast and Blood Sugar: Making Healthy Choices
  • The Dangers of Dr. Google
  • 8 Tips for a Healthy Winter
  • 7 Ways to Save More Money
  • Recipe of the Month: Grilled Chicken Breast with Chimichurri Sauce

January 2019

  • How Your Weight Affects Your Aging Joints
  • New Device Helps Reduce Stroke Risk in Patients with Heart Defects
  • Avoid the Complications of Diabetes
  • Don’t Give Cervical Cancer a Chance, Vaccinate Against HPV
  • Let It Snow! Keeps Kids Safe in Winter Weather
  • Recipe of the Month: Pecan-Crusted Baked Tilapia with Cherry-Lemon Balsamic Sauce

December 2018

  • Lowering Cholesterol Takes Lifetime Approach, New Guidelines Say
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: To Take or Not to Take?
  • This Cold and Flu Season, Play It Safe with Kids’ Germy Toys
  • Keeping Meals Healthy, Even When Cooking for One
  • 5 Ways to Move Your Workout Indoors
  • Holiday Food Swap: Healthier Choices for Your Seasonal Snacks
  • Recipe of the Month: Chocolate Peppermint Meringue Cookies

November 2018

  • Change Your Risk for Diabetes
  • 7 Tips to Avoid Holiday Heartburn
  • Dealing with Heart Disease at Work
  • A Stroke of Their Own: Different Signs, Risks for Women
  • What to Look for When Choosing a Gym
  • Recipe of the Month: Fruity Wild Rice Stovetop Stuffing

October 2018

  • Understanding the Risks of High Blood Pressure
  • Battle Midlife Weight Gain to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk
  • Feeling the Beat: Is Apple Watch’s EKG the Real Deal?
  • 5 Things to Know: Take Steps to Prevent Cervical Cancer
  • Eek! Little Halloween Treats Can Pack Big Calorie Counts
  • 5 Common Diet Mistakes to Avoid
  • Bust Some Moves: Easy Exercises to Reduce Stress
  • Recipe of the Month: Pumpkin Panna Cotta

September 2018

  • Even When Flu Shots Aren’t Very Effective, They Still Save Lives
  • 6 Things to Know About Achieving a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle
  • 10 Steps to Help Your Loved One Prevent Falls
  • Avoid These Kitchen Mistakes
  • It’s Never Too Early to Think About Heart Health
  • Which Fruits and Vegetables Are Best for YOU?
  • Recipe of the Month: Spinach Berry Salad with Grilled Chicken Breast

August 2018

  • Leg Pain: Is it PAD or Something Else?
  • Use of Advanced Heart Valve Expanded
  • Take 3 Steps Toward Healthy Eating
  • Don’t Let You Child’s Backpack Be a Back-to-School Pain
  • Prep for a Winning Season with a Sports Physical
  • Recipe of the Month: Baba Ghanoush (Eggplant Dip)

July 2018

  • When the Weather Heats Up, Heart Patients Need to Stay Cool
  • New Cancer Guidelines Recommend Earlier Screening
  • What to Know About Sickle Cell Disease
  • Understanding Depression and Suicide
  • 4 Things to Do After Your Workout
  • Recipe of the Month: Kale, Apple, and Cucumber Salad

June 2018 

  • Extra Weight Around the Middle May Mean Greater Heart Attack Risk
  • The Skinny on Skin: Take Care of Your Body’s Largest Organ
  • 10 Ways to Slash Stroke Risk
  • 5 Things to Know About Your Blood Pressure
  • Your Ticket to Summer Travel Safety
  • Recipe of the Month: Chicken Bruschetta

May 2018

  • White Coat Hypertension: A Cause for Concern
  • Gasping for Breath: What is COPD?
  • Drink with Caution: Diabetes and Alcohol
  • Add Fuel to Your Workout
  • Sun Worshippers Beware: Melanoma Rates on the Rise
  • 3 Sneaky Stressors Hurting Your Health
  • Recipe of the Month: Avocado Melon Breakfast Smoothie

April 2018

  • How to Have a Healthier BBQ
  • Vascular Screenings Provide Lifesaving Early Detection
  • Don’t Get Burned by Warm Weather – Take Control of Your Diabetes
  • 5 Health Habits That Could Hurt You
  • Why Keeping Expired Medications is a Bad Idea
  • Recipe of the Month: Broccoli Frittata

March 2018

  • Cardio-Oncology: Protecting the Heart While Treating Cancer
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening: Get It Done
  • At Risk for Heart Disease? Consider This Test
  • 5 Things to Know About Organ Donation
  • Uproot Your Couch Potatoes:
    Get Your Kids Moving with Microbursts of Activity
  • Ditch Depression This Spring
  • Wake Up! 5 Tips for a Better Morning
  • Recipe of the Month: Sweet Pea “Quinoa-tto”

February 2018

  • I Was Meant To Be A Nurse
  • More Than Being Crummy: Flu Can Raise Heart Attack Risk
  • After Heart Attack, Most Return To Work, But Many Don’t Stay
  • Musician’s Retirement Raises Parkinson’s Disease Awareness
  • Make Healthier Meals, Lose Weight With These Apps
  • Hope For The Best – It Might Just Improve Your Health
  • The Heat Is On
  • Recipe of the Month: Slow-Cooker Chicken Enchilada Casserole

January 2018

  • Get a Flu Shot Now, Stay Healthier Later
  • Study Links Stress to Microvascular Heart Disease
  • Follow-Up Colonoscopies: The Longer You Wait, the Higher Your Risk
  • Tips for Coping with the Cold
  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Keeping Your Resolutions
  • 5 Things to Know about HIV Awareness
  • Recipe of the Month: Firehouse Lentil Soup

December 2017

  • Our Passion For Innovation
  • Thought Your Blood Pressure Was Normal? New Guidelines Say You May Have Hypertension
  • Is ‘Healthy Obesity’ a Myth?
  • 5 Things to Know About Women’s Health Screenings
  • T-I-A: 3 Letters You Shouldn’t Ignore
  • A Whole New Take on Eating Green
  • Protect Yourself from Sexual Harassment
  • Recipe of the Month: Winter Vegetable Stew

November 2017

  • Is Your Heart Due for an Oil Change?
  • Sex After a Heart Attack: When is It OK?
  •  I Have Prediabetes — Now What?
  • Healthy Ways to Avoid the Holiday Blues
  • Winterize Your Exercise
  • LIFE at Lourdes: A Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly

October 2017

  • At Risk for Heart Disease? Consider This Test 
  • Jump Start Your Autumn Fitness Routine
  • Selena Gomez Brings Attention to Lupus-Induced Kidney Disease
  • Upgrade Your Approach to Kids’ Screen Time
  • Safe Trick or Treating
  • Recipe of the Month: Hearty Three-Bean Soup

September 2017

  • What Your Feet Say About Your Health
  • Obeying YourThirst? Sugary Soda Linked to Prediabetes
  • Backpackers Beware: School Load Can Cause Injury, Pain
  • Get Ingredients for a Healthy Meal on Your Doorstep
  • Why You Shouldn’t Skip Regular Doctor Visits
  • Recipe of the Month: Southeastern Seasoned Catfish

August 2017

  • Caring for Mind, Body and Spirit
  • Is Coffee Good for You? Well, Maybe
  • Lourdes Offers Breakthrough Treatment for Patients with a Leaky Heart Valve
  • Bites that Bug You
  • Keeping Kids Active When School Is Out
  • Music Therapy: Not Just Another Song and Dance
  • Recipe of the Month: Sunshine Beet Salad

July 2017  

  • Do You Know the Signs of Dementia?
  • The Pacemaker You Can’t See
  • 3 Common Health Scares: What’s Really an Emergency?
  • ACL Injuries on the Rise Among Teen Girls
  • Shake the Salt Out of Your Diet
  • Recipe of the Month: Summer Breezes Smoothie

June 2017  

  • Exercise More, Drink Less to Cut Breast Cancer Risk
  • Radiation Treatment Attacks Liver Tumors
  • 5 Things to Know About Blood Pressure
  • Eating Habits Linked to Nearly Half of Deaths from Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes
  • New Support Group Helps Those with Swallowing Disorders
  • Study Suggests Volunteering Can Help Your Health
  • Recipe of the Month: Spicy Baked Fish

May 2017

  • Panel Changes Tune on Prostate Test: Should You Now Get a PSA?
  • 5 Things to Know for Keeping Kids Healthy
  • Change Your Diet, Change Your Disease Risk
  • No Bull: Energy Drinks Have Hidden Health Dangers
  • Fight Stroke with a FAST Response
  • Hold the Sugar: Drink Add-Ins Bring More than Just Flavor
  • Recipe of the Month: Apple Carrot Salad

April 2017

  • 17 Million Americans May Have Easy-to-Miss Form of High Blood Pressure
  • 10 Facts to Know About Organ Donation
  • Type of Allergic Reaction a Major Cause  of Digestive Illness
  • Lourdes Opens New Hepatitis C Clinic
  • New Robot-Guided System Aids Spine Surgery
  • Only a Weekend Warrior? It Can Still Lengthen Your Life
  • Recipe of the Month: Honey-Herb Chicken

March 2017

  • Roadmap to a Healthy Heart
  • Metabolic Syndrome: The Perfect Storm
  • Dance Your Way to Wellness
  • New Fecal Transplant Resolves Patient’s Ulcerative Colitis
  • Four Facts to Know About Anesthesia
  • Changes to School Lunch Program Are Helping Kids Eat Healthier
  • Recipe of the Month: Squash Pancakes

February 2017

  • 5 Things to Know About Heart Attacks
  • Even “Light” Smoking Can Kill You
  • How to Survive the Dreaded Norovirus
  • Bagged Salads Linked to Foodborne Illness
  • Excess Weight, Diabetes Linked to Liver Cancer
  • Managing Your Heart Failure at Home
  • Recipe of the Month: Winter Fruit Crisp

January 2017

  • Can You Die of a Broken Heart?
  • Avoid Harmful Interactions Between Statins and Other Heart Disease Drugs
  • New Year’s Resolutions That Work
  • Most Parents Make Mistakes When Measuring Children’s Medications
  • Munch on this Movie Snack
  • Recipe of the Month: Slow-Cooked Black Bean and Corn Soup

December 2016

  • Soccer Injuries on the Rise: Keep Your Kids Safe
  • High Blood Pressure Can Lead to Health Problems Beyond Heart Disease
  • It’s Not Too Late to Get Your Flu Shot
  • Get the Facts About Holiday Splurges
  • 8 Ways to Better Manage Stress
  • Recipe of the Month: Curried Butternut Apple Soup

November 2016

  • New Dissolving Heart Stent Major Advance in Treatment of Coronary Artery Disease
  • Spread the Word: Mammograms Save Lives
  • Tighter Blood Pressure Control Could Save 100,000 Lives
  • Study Suggests Lifestyle, Not Genes, Behind Rise in Obesity
  • Tips for the Perfect Tailgate Party
  • Laundry Pods Pose Risks for Young Children
  • Recipe of the Month: Baked Butternut Squash

October 2016

  • New Dissolving Heart Stent Major Advance in Treatment of Coronary Artery Disease
  • Spread the Word: Mammograms Save Lives
  • Tighter Blood Pressure Control Could Save 100,000 Lives
  • Study Suggests Lifestyle, Not Genes, Behind Rise in Obesity
  • Tips for the Perfect Tailgate Party
  • Laundry Pods Pose Risks for Young Children
  • Recipe of the Month: Baked Butternut Squash

September 2016

  • Nearly Half of Heart Attacks Strike Silently
  • Why the Latest Superbug Has Experts Concerned
  • 8 Steps to Improve Your Heart Health
  • Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep?
  • 5 Surprising Things That Harm Your Liver–and How to Avoid Them
  • Drugged Drinks a Serious Problem on College Campuses, Study Says
  • Recipe of the Month: Beet-All Pasta Salad

August 2016

  • New Device Reduces Risk of Blood Clots, Stroke
  • Is a Daily Aspirin Right for You?
  • Fecal Transplants Provide Treatment Option for “Superbugs,” GI Illnesses
  • Searching for Pikachu? Pokemon Go’s Unintended Side Effects
  • A Weighty Problem: Obesity Shaves Years Off Your Life
  • What’s a Healthy Food? The Definition May Be Changing
  • Recipe of the Month: Rainbow Fruit Salad

July 2016

  • Whew It’s Hot: How to Avoid Heat Emergencies
  • Thyroid Conditions and the Heart: What’s the Connection?
  • Heart Attack Patients Getting Younger, Heavier
  • Splish-Splash: Build a Healthier Body in the Water
  • Pulse Foods Can Help You Shed Pounds
  • Recipe of the Month: Sweet Potato Pancakes

June 2016

  • Overworked? Your Heart May Be Suffering
  • New Procedure Improves Atrial Fibrillation Treatment
  • Heel Pain? Most Likely It’s Plantar Fasciitis
  • Sunscreen 101: How to choose the best sunscreen
  • Gallstones: Don’t Stomach the Pain
  • Watch Out for These Ultra-Processed Foods
  • Recipe of the Month: Chicken and Vegetables

May 2016

  • Body Shape Can Affect Heart Disease Risk
  • Stressed and Sitting Too Much? Let’s Get Moving
  • Have Trouble Sleeping? Forget Pills, New Guidelines Say
  • Reduce Your Risk for Stroke
  • Don’t Drink? You Could Still Get Liver Disease
  • Follow-Ups Shade Children from Sun Damage
  • Recipe of the Month: Vegetable Soft Tacos

April 2016

  • Get the Facts About Fats
  • Can Your Fitness Tracker Save Your Life in the ER?
  • Do Bugs Need Drugs? Antibiotics May Not Help
  • A Simple Way to Relieve Back Pain
  • New Device Gives Real-Time Answers for Joint Injuries
  • Tap in to Safer Drinking Water
  • Recipe of the Month: Homemade Healthy Chocolate Pudding

March 2016

  • When It Comes to Blood Pressure, Lower is Better
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening: Get It Done
  • Drop in New Diabetes Cases Doesn’t Tell Whole Story
  • Healthy Foods to Help with Springtime Allergies
  • Play Your Way to Better Health with These Tips
  • Recipe of the Month: Baked Pork Chops

February 2016

  • Heart Attack Treatment: Every Minute Counts
  • Older Adults: Increase Walking Intensity for Better Heart Health
  • Q&A: When You’re Diagnosed with Both Asthma and COPD
  • Surgery Offers Weight-Loss Options
  • Panel Supports Depression Screening
  • Sriracha: Get the Facts About this Spicy Condiment
  • Fish Feast for the Heart: Teriyaki-Glazed Salmon with Stir-Fried Vegetables

January 2016

  • Cardiac Arrest May Not Come Out of the Blue
  • Avoid the Diet Trap to Make Weight Loss Resolutions Last
  • Hoverboard Hazards: More Than Just Fires
  • Time Running Out to Get Coverage on Health Insurance Marketplace
  • Want Your Kids to Eat Healthy? Do It Yourself
  • LHS Health Network Chosen for CMS Next Generation ACO Model
  • Recipe of the Month: Simple Fish Tacos

December 2015

  • Has Your Heart Aged Faster than You Have?
  • Two Common Blood Tests: What You Need to Know
  • Ancient Form of Exercise Helps People with Chronic Conditions
  • Five Good-For-You Foods to Boost Your Nutrition
  • Pop Out Your Headphones to Protect Hearing
  • Recipe of the Month: Teriyaki-Glazed Salmon with Stir-Fried Vegetables

November 2015

  • Should Red Meat be Part of Your Diet?
  • Swings in Blood Pressure Could Predict Heart Perils
  • Healthy Weight? Your Drink Could Still Increase Your Diabetes Risk
  • OMG! Texting Your Way to Neck and Back Pain
  • Surprising Contact Lens Mistakes You’re Probably Making
  • Recipe of the Month: Roasted Winter Vegetables

October 2015

  • Chest Pain: When Is It a Heart Attack?
  • Are You Using Aspirin Inappropriately?
  • Is Your Tech Device Disturbing Your Sleep?
  • Take These Steps to Stem Your Risk for Breast Cancer
  • Set Your Plate for Pumpkin
  • Recipe of the Month: Baked Buttercup Squash

September 2015

  • Leg Pain: Is It Peripheral Arterial Disease?
  • Should You Use an App to Manage Your Diabetes?
  • Does My Child Need to Go to the ER?
  • New Implant Treats Rotator Cuff Injuries
  • Getting a Pedicure? 9 Ways to Protect Your Feet
  • 3 Simple Tips to Eat Better
  • Recipe of the Month: Summer Vegetable Curry

August 2015

  • Leg Pain: Is It Peripheral Arterial Disease?
  • Should You Use an App to Manage Your Diabetes?
  • Does My Child Need to Go to the ER?
  • New Implant Treats Rotator Cuff Injuries
  • Getting a Pedicure? 9 Ways to Protect Your Feet
  • 3 Simple Tips to Eat Better
  • Recipe of the Month: Summer Vegetable Curry

July 2015

  • Americans Ill-Informed About Heart Failure
  • Melanoma Cases on the Rise, Especially Among Youth
  • The Surprising Symptom of Celiac Disease
  • How Much Do You Know About Beach Safety?
  • New Heart Procedures Reduce Pain, Improve Quality of Life
  • Olive Oil, Nuts Linked to Lasting Brainpower
  • Recipe of the Month: Pork Carnitas

June 2015

  • 6 Ways to Trim Salt From Your Lunch
  • Can Stress Trigger Stomach Ulcers?
  • Slimming Down May Ease a Common Heart Rhythm Problem
  • Would You Be Able to Spot a Stroke?
  • Revenge of the Chickenpox: Are You at Risk for Shingles?
  • New Study Adds Up Life-Extending Benefits of Organ Transplants
  • Recipe of the Month: All-American Turkey Burgers

May 2015

  • Allergies: Your Spring Survival Guide
  • Supplements: Healthy Habit or Risky Routine?
  • Preventing Heart Disease: Easy as Knowing Your ABCs
  • Arm Yourself Against Tennis Elbow
  • The Primary Care Physician: A Quarterback for Maintaining Your Health
  • Nutrition News: Choose Your Fats Wisely
  • Recipe of the Month: Zesty Mediterranean Kebabs

April 2015

  • New Treatment Reduces Risk of Stroke in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation
  • Nervous System Disorder May Explain Fainting Spells
  • Reduce Your Risk for GERD
  • Yoga May Help Your Heart, Study Says
  • Partners Help Each Other Make Healthy Changes
  • What Are Pizza Days Doing to Kids’ Health?
  • Recipe of the Month: Tangy Orange Coucous with Almonds

March 2015

  • Never Too Soon to Start Worrying About Cholesterol
  • Prevent an ACL Injury
  • Do Hot Flashes Pose Risk for Bone Fractures?
  • Understanding Temporary Hair Loss After Dramatic Weight Reduction
  • When It Comes to Colon Cancer Screening, the Best Test is the One that Gets Done
  • Recipe of the Month: Mediterranean Diced Salad

February 2015

  • The Measles Vaccine: What You Need to Know
  • Take on Your Triglycerides
  • Should You Call in Sick to the Gym?
  • How Much Is Too Much Baseball Pitching in Youth?
  • Get Relief From Two Common Bowel Diseases
  • Are You Still Eating Too Much of the Wrong Fats?
  • Recipe of the Month: Heavenly Chicken with Angel Hair Pasta

January 2015

  • When Doctor Visits Go Up, Blood Pressure Goes Down?
  • Looking for a Winter Pick-Me-Up? Forget the Tanning Salon
  • Walk, Bike or Run This Way to Prevent Heart Failure
  • Eating Nuts Linked to Longer Life
  • Most Americans Need More Strength Training
  • Recipe of the Month: Beefy Vegetable Soup

December 2014

  • Women More Likely to Ignore Heart Attack Symptoms
  • Men Face Risk for Osteoporosis, Too
  • 4 Important Facts About Ebola
  • ‘Tis the Season to Avoid Asthma Triggers
  • Get Covered. Stay Covered: Your Keys to Open Enrollment 2015
  • To Control Weight, Start with a Smaller Plate
  • Recipe of the Month: Cranberry Spiced Cider

November 2014

  • Stress-Proof Your Holiday Season
  • Are Trampoline Parks a Jump into Danger?
  • Dense Breasts and Cancer: What You Need to Know
  • Pregnant or Planning on It? Get a Flu Shot
  • A Little Running Can Have Big Benefits
  • 9 Home Health Remedies That Actually Work
  • Recipe of the Month: Artichoke-Cranberry Stuffing

October 2014

  • Want to Beat Breast Cancer? Get a Mammogram
  • Are Feet at Fault for Back, Hip and Knee Woes?
  • Sitting Time Linked to Early Death in Adults
  • High-Salt Diets Spell Trouble for People with Diabetes
  • To Get Kids’ Doses Right, Skip the Teaspoons and Tablespoons
  • Halloween Contact Lenses: What You Need to Know
  • Recipe of the Month: Crunchy Pumpkin Pie

September 2014

  • Suspect an Irregular Heartbeat? Let Your Doctor Know
  • The Healthiest Fruits and Vegetables Are …
  • Vaccine Slashes Kids’ Hospitalizations for Rotavirus
  • Can You Trust Blood Pressure Kiosks?
  • Do You Have Computer Vision Syndrome?
  • Recipe of the Month: Pumpkin Curry Soup

August 2014

  • Stay Ahead of Skin Cancer
  • Don’t Let Kidney Stones Sink Your Summer
  • High School Concussion Rates on the Rise
  • New Study: Obesity Shortens Your Life Span
  • Whew, It’s Hot! Avoid Summer Heat Emergencies
  • Recipe of the Month: Strip Steak Salad with Horseradish Sauce

July 2014

  • Doctors Take Aim at Women’s Stroke Risk
  • Quit Smoking for a Healthy Mind and Body
  • Explosive Situation: Don’t Let a Fireworks Accident Ruin Your Summer
  • The Wireless Way to Stay Healthy
  • 3 Moves to Boost Balance
  • Recipe of the Month: Baja-Style Salmon Tacos

June 2014

  • Can You Take Too Much Tylenol?
  • Fast Action Means Faster Recovery Following Stroke
  • Need to Stick Close to the Bathroom? Get Relief from BPH
  • Low Back Pain: World’s Top Cause of Disability
  • Tiny Wireless Cardiac Monitor Helps Lourdes Physicians Diagnose Abnormal Heartbeats
  • Recipe of the Month: Gourmet Pizza Burgers

May 2014

  • Should You Take Hormones for Menopause?
  • Losing Sleep Linked to Gaining Weight
  • Get Up, Stand Up: Balance Exercises Can Help
  • Protect You and Your Families from Measles
  • Don’t Let Varicose Veins Ruin Your Summer
  • Recipes of the Month: Sample Berries’ Bounty

April 2014

  • Have Low-T? Testosterone Therapy May Raise Heart Disease Risk
  • New Warning Sign of Heart Failure
  • Saving Lives through Organ Donation
  • Uterine Fibroid Embolization Offers Relief from Fibroids
  • Survey: Americans Baffled by Sugary Beverages
  • Recipe of the Month: Orange Couscous with Almonds, Raisins and Mint

March 2014

  • Know the Signs of a Gradual Heart Attack
  • Take Steps to Prevent Colorectal Cancer
  • New Guidelines Urge Woman to Pay Early Attention to Stroke
  • Eating Disorders Strike Young Men, Too
  • It’s Never Too Late to Start Moving
  • Recipe of the Month: Stir-Fried Rice

February 2014

  • Minimize Controllable Risks to Protect Heart Health
  • How to Limit Colorectal Cancer
  • Do You Have a Cold or Winter Allergy?
  • The Gold-Medal Secret to Avoiding Sports Injuries
  • Listen Up! Don’t Get Burned by Earwax Therapy
  • Most People Ignore Fast-Food Menu Calorie Counts
  • Recipe of the Month: Brownie Kisses

January 2014

  • Cardiac Arrest May Not Come Out of the Blue
  • Coping with the Cold: Beware Hypothermia and Frostbite
  • 10 Tips for Safe Snow Shoveling
  • Does Your Bladder Keep You Awake?
  • Know Your Body: What Does the Spleen Do?
  • Stay Healthy with Medicare’s Wellness Coverage
  • Recipe of the Month: Quinoa-Stuffed Tomatoes

December 2013

  • New Cholesterol Guidelines: What Do They Mean for You?
  • New Treatments Offer Hope to Hepatitis C Patients
  • Popular Pain Relievers, Alcohol Not a Good Mix
  • Keep Kids on the Right Vaccination Schedule
  • Daily Drinking Increases Young Women’s Breast Cancer Risk
  • Decode the Dates on Your Food Labels
  • Recipe of the Month: Apricot-Orange Bread

November 2013

  • Think Stress Is Harming Your Heart? You Might Be Right
  • Take a Mini-Stroke Seriously
  • Highest-Risk People Benefit Most from Lung Cancer Screening
  • Skipped Prescriptions Pose a Major Health Threat
  • Wound Won’t Heal? Frequent Cleaning May Help
  • Recipe of the Month: Harvest Vegetable Stew

October 2013

  • Avoid a Halloween Horror Story
  • Welcome to the Marketplace: Choosing a Health Plan
  • Give Your Lungs a Break This Fall and Winter
  • Flu and Heart Disease: Staying Well This Season
  • Mammogram Reality Check
  • Recipe of the Month: Cranberry Pumpkin Muffins

September 2013

  • A Different Type of Heart Disease
  • Sleep Problems, Heart Disease Familiar Bedfellows
  • Push Your Fitness Limits–Safely
  • Many Choices Available to Help Prevent the Flu
  • Prepare Your Family Disaster Plan
  • Think Outside the Cereal Box for a Healthy Start
  • Recipe of the Month: Do-It-Yourself Rice Bowl

August 2013

  • From the White House to Your House: Reduce Your Heart Disease Risk
  • Are You at Risk for Deep Vein Thrombosis?
  • Breast Implants May Hide Early-Stage Cancers
  • School Sports: Girls Face Surprising Concussion Risks
  • Healthy Snack Habits for Kids
  • Local Couple Provides Critical Links in Nationwide Kidney Donation Chain
  • Recipes of the Month: Better Burgers

July 2013

  • To Prevent Heart Attacks, You’re the Boss
  • Should You Take a Multivitamin?
  • Keep Your Cool with COPD
  • Avoid Heat Emergencies
  • Beware of Bad Breath
  • Recipes of the Month: Fabulous Fruit

June 2013

  • Heart Disease and Diabetes – A Close Connection
  • Real Men Use Sunscreen
  • Sensitive Stomach? Think Twice About What You Eat This Summer
  • Jolie Mastectomy Renews Breast Cancer Awareness
  • How to Help a Hoarder
  • Recipe of the Month: Mini Greek Chicken Kabobs

May 2013

  • Apps that Help Get You Moving
  • Good Habits Today Can Prevent Heart Failure Tomorrow
  • Manage Risk Factor to Prevent Second Stroke
  • Boomers: Get Tested for Hepatitis C
  • New Report Backs the Safety of Childhood Vaccines
  • Try 3 Simple Changes to Whittle Your Waistline
  • Recipes of the Month: Terrific Tilapia

April 2013

  • 5 Quick Ways to Help Your Heart Today
  • New Treatments Help Heal Problem Wounds
  • Quick Quiz: Men’s Health Myth or Fact?
  • Don’t Let Osteoarthritis Get the Best of You
  • Be Ready for Asthma Flare-Ups
  • Recipe of the Month: Fuel You Up Smoothie

March 2013

  • The Answers on Vitamin D
  • Fainting May Foretell Heart Troubles
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening Doesn’t Always Mean a Colonoscopy
  • Your Guide to Preventing Sprains, Strains and Shin Splints
  • Pregnant? Even Small Amounts of Alcohol May Be Dangerous
  • LourdesCare at Cherry Hill: A Vision of the Future
  • Recipe of the Month: Chicken Salad Blues

February 2013

  • Prehypertension? Take Steps to Ease the Pressure
  • OMG! Think Twice About Walking and Texting
  • Parents: Ban Cigarettes from Your Cars
  • Weight-Loss Surgery: When the First One Doesn’t Work
  • Is Daily Aspirin Right for You?
  • Recipes of the Month: Calorie-Conscious Cookies

January 2013

  • Heart Risks Rise in Winter, Regardless of Climate
  • Avoiding Getting Sick at the Gym
  • Grapefruit and Medicine May Be Harmful Mix
  • Take Strides Toward Better Health
  • Childbirth Can Cause Pelvic Problems Years Down the Road
  • Recipe of the Month: Mexibean Mock Lasagna

December 2012

  • It’s Not Too Late to Get Your Flu Shot
  • New Year, New You: Kick the Habit in 2013
  • Don’t Let Heartburn Spoil Your Holiday Season
  • Avoid Kidney Failure with Successful Diabetes Control
  • For Health’s Sake, Hold the Salt
  • Recipe of the Month: Peter Pumpkin Squares

November 2012

  • Extra Pounds in Midlife May Weigh Heavy on Your Mind
  • The Skinny on Fats
  • New Treatment Heals Your Tendon Injury FAST
  • Wake Up to the Risks of Childhood Snoring
  • Women, Try These Tips to Avoid Yeast Infections
  • Do You Know the Latest Advice on Preventing SIDS?
  • Recipe: Artichoke-Cranberry Stuffing
  • Recipe: Crunchy Pumpkin Pie

October 2012

  • Back to the Basics: Explaining Breast Cancer
  • Do You Need New Knees?
  • Make Sure Your Medicines Help, Not Hurt
  • Do You Know the Dangers of Skimping on Sleep?
  • Your Room-by-Room Guide to Keeping Kids Safe
  • Cranberry Spiced Cider

September 2012

  • Women and Heart Attacks: Know the Signs
  • Parents: Be Aware of Child Food Allergies
  • Young Men Should Be Aware of Testicular Cancer
  • Are Those Memory Problems a Sign of Dementia?
  • Peripheral Artery Disease: Women, Younger Adults Overlook Risk
  • Recipe of the Month: Autumn Vegetable Succotash

August 2012

  • Take Extra Care of Diabetes During Warm Weather
  • How Much Do You Know About Children’s Sports Safety?
  • A New Low When It Comes to High Blood Pressure
  • Work In a Gearless Workout
  • Protect Your Loved Ones From Whooping Cough
  • Recipe of the Month: Cherry Swirl Pudding

July 2012

  • Eight Ways to Avoid a Heat Emergency
  • What You Should Know About Atrial Fibrillation
  • Got Kidney Stones? It Could be in Your Genes
  • Is Your Salad Actually Healthy?
  • Lourdes Surgeon Removes Liver Tumor Size of Bowling Ball
  • Recipe of the Month: Peach Melba Smoothie for Two

June 2012

  • Body Shape May Impact Heart Disease Risk
  • Asthma Rates Continue to Rise: Do You Know Your Triggers?
  • Take These Steps to Slash Your Blood Pressure
  • Questions & Answers: Tips for Healthy Trips
  • Cut Calories from Cookout Cuisine
  • Recipe of the Month: Sweet Potato Chips

May 2012

  • Adults Need Vaccines, Too
  • Make Sense of Your Cholesterol
  • Light Smoking, Heavy Consequences
  • Are Yearly Pap Tests a Thing of the Past?
  • The Case for Wholistic Medicine
  • Recipe: Mandarin Stir-Fry Beef

April 2012

  • Don’t Let Bladder Problems Limit Your Life
  • Q&A: Exercise-Induced Asthma
  • Track This Number to Check Your Heart Risk
  • Weight-Loss Surgery Cuts Diabetes
  • Why Work Out? The Perks Come Sooner Than You Think
  • Recipe of the Month: Pear and Quinoa Salad

March 2012

  • Study Affirms Lifesaving Role of Colonoscopy
  • Moves that Improve Arthritis: Your Healthy-Joint Exercise Plan
  • When Just a Band-Aid Won’t Suffice
  • Do You Know How Potassium Can Help Your Heart?
  • Healthy Eating Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive
  • Recipe: Slow-Cooker Black Bean and Corn Soup

February 2012

  • Head Off Your Headaches
  • Poor Sleep Could Leave Your Heart at Risk
  • Yoga Improves Body and Mind Connection
  • Don’t Let Mild Flu Season Fool You
  • Does Your Child Need a Cholesterol Test?
  • Light Drinking Linked to Breast Cancer Risk
  • Chicken Rollups “Florentine”

January 2012

  • What Your Leg Pain Might Be Telling You
  • Hemorrhoids: Don’t Sit on the Sidelines
  • Yoga Improves Body and Mind Connection
  • Technique Eases Pain for Gallbladder Patients
  • Share Your Medicine Schedule
  • Tortilla Casserole



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