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If you want a health expert  to address your organization  or group, but don’t know  where to begin searching, try  the Lourdes Health System  Speakers Bureau.

Our Speakers Bureau is a free  service designed to give the  community a broader knowledge  of healthcare issues and provide interesting, educational and  informative health-related programs.

Lourdes has a large panel of skilled  physicians, nurses, therapists and  other healthcare providers eager  to share their expertise with your  club, religious, business, civic or  senior citizen organization. Speakers  Bureau topics cover everything from  cancer to heart disease, and more.  We can tailor topics to meet your  organization’s needs and interests.

Lourdes provides healthcare professionals for outreach and presentations as a service to our community. Presentations are usually 20 to 45 minute in length and often take place in senior living organizations, business and social clubs, and various community groups in the surrounding areas.

To view a full is of available topics, DOWNLOAD OUR BROCHURE.

Interested individuals may call Lourdes Marketing Department to arrange for a speaker or to offer services as a presenter.

For information, call 856-580-6453 or contact

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