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Physician Communications

Disseminating accurate timely information to physicians that helps them to provide the best care is an important function of advanced medical center.   In addition to medical staff office information and other internal forums for updates, we provide the informational outlets below on conditions of interest and latest treatments and other services.

 Physician newsletters

These publications provide physicians with news and information that assist them in their everyday practice:

TODAY newsletter.   Medical news with a focus on a different medical specialty in each issue.

HEARTBEAT. A publication of South Jersey Heart Group

CardiologyLog.   A compendium of updates from Lourdes Cardiology Services. (Archived)

The following consumer-facing publications are available to your patients:

HeartTalk Newsletter

Our free award-winning magazine focused on cardiovascular health and other important topics. HeartTalk is published three times a year. Complete our contact form to subscribe.

HealthTalk Online

Our free monthly electronic newsletter featuring articles on a variety of health topics. View current and past issues or sign up to receive it via e-mail.

Fresh Off The Press

Our free monthly electronic newsletter focused on food!

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