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Clinical Advancement Program

The Clinical Advancement Program (CAP) is designed to reward nurses’ increasing levels of clinical expertise and commitment to patient care. The implementation and maintenance of such a program enhances the Lourdes Health System’s ability to recruit and retain professional nurses who, in turn, contribute to the achievement of quality patient outcomes.

Participating nurses seek to improve through four levels of excellence that are based on minimum years of experience; advanced degrees and specialty certifications; and points attained through certain activities in the domains of Service Delivery, Professional Growth and Development, Clinical Expertise and Research and Education. Those activites include, but are not limited to: service as a population-specific resource; educator in special areas (mock codes, fire drills, etc.); committee participation; service as a preceptor, mentor or adjunct faculty; recognition from local or national nursing organization; community service/volunteerism; participation in or initiation of nursing research; and author of an article published in a journal.

To learn more about the program review the CAP Program Outline [MS Word, 737K]. To apply, download and complete the remaining documents. Contact information and deadlines are contained within the documents.

5/2/11 – A minor discrepancy was noted between forms regarding educational activities. The requirements for submission were different on the activity form and the points form. The points form has been updated to meet the original intent. A summary is not required, just a copy of the evaluation method used (post-test, skills checklist or evaluation form).
Second, the hospital-wide handwashing PI will be given 1/2 credit of a year-long PI, since it is time limited. This has been added to the revised points form.
You can download documents in two ways: using the zip file or the individual files. The zip files contain all word documents for each Domain.   If you have difficulty with the zip file, the individual documents are located beneath the zip file.

Clinical Expertise Professional Growth Research and Education Service Delivery
Clinical Expertise Zip File Professional Growth Zip File Research and Education Zip File Service Delivery Zip File
CAP Point Summary Clinical Expertise 2011 CAP Point Summary Professional Growth and Development 2011 CAP Point Summary Research and Education 2011 CAP Point Summary Service Delivery 2011
Committee Involvement Tool Committee Involvement Tool Education Activity Presenter Validation Exemplar Tool — SERVICE DELIVERY
Exemplar Tool — CLINICAL EXPERTISE Exemplar Tool — PROFESSIONAL GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT Education Activity Summary Clinical Events Form
Patient Care Conference form Shift tracking tool Exemplar Tool — RESEARCH and EDUCATION Complex Teaching Plan
Clinical Events Form Clinical Events Form Exemplar Tool — RESEARCH and EDUCATION New Educational Material Development
Continuing Education hours form Education Activity Presenter Validation Clinical Events Form Shift tracking tool
Practice-project proposal Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Research — appraisal tool
Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Research — Strength of Evidence
Standard education sign in sheet
2010 CAP Nursing Award Recipients Announced

Ceremonies were held at Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center and Lourdes Medical Center of Burlington County honoring nurses who have achieved higher levels of clinical care through this new Lourdes program. Those nurses are:

Clinical Nurse IISafiya Abdullah, 6 NThomas Arcaroli, CC2/CTRMelinda Bowman, 5 NNorma Bozarth, 2 E/W
Stephanie Bradly, 5N
Veronica Brooks, Dialysis
Jacqueline Canzanese, CC1
Beverly Cockerham, ICN
Susan Costello, PASU
Karen Donges, PASU
Deborah Forbes, ICN
Kathleen Friedrich, EP
Mary Hopkins, ICN
Melinda Huggins, 2 E/W
Dennis Hunter, 2 E/W
Deirdre Jana, ICN
Theresa Jaworski, CTR
Cindy Keilman, MBU
Wendy   Kelley, ICN
Terry Marren, 5W
Angela Meraviglia, CC1
Samantha Merklein, CC2/CTR
Jacqueline Mulligan, ICN
Eve Powers, PASU
Jessica Previglian, CC2/CTR
Angela Schafer, CC2/CTR
Rosemary Serock, IPCR
Emma Sosa, Dialysis
Donna Storako, Dialysis
Amy Thompson, 6 N
Michelle Winters, CCL
Clinical Nurse IIIMaria Anicas, EDSylvia Aquino-Angelia, ICNDiane Brattelli, CC2/CTRPamela Britland, ICN
Linda Colander, 5W
Kristin Delagol, ED
Jennifer Douglass, CC1
Lucille Ettore, PAT
Donna Fahey, CC1
Eric Gawrysiak, CC2/CTR
Donna Hamlet, ICN
Diann Holmes, ICN
Kelly Hoyt, ICN
Llane Itaas, OR
Peggy Mason, CC2/CTR
Marguerite McMichael, CC1
Susan Parkinson, CC2/CTR
Katherine Patrick, CC1
Margaret Pine, L & D
Joyce Pinto, CC1
Theresa Pisani, CC1
Djuana Rivers, ICN
Brunilda Sanchez, CC1
Nancy Lee Schmidt, Osborn
Kathleen Shiveler, CC1
Helen Suaan, CC2/CTR
Linda Truempy, CC1
Janine Vallen, CC1
Moehika Watson, CC2/CTR
Lisa Winchester, ED
Clinical Nurse IVMarcella Herbert, CC2/CTRThose highlighted in red have participated in CAP every year since its inception.

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