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Lourdes Hospitalists: At Your Service

Primary care physicians and other referring doctors are busy professionals. Managing complex daily inpatient care for their hospitalized patients–and especially doing so in person–has become increasing difficult for them. That’s where Lourdes full-time dedicated hospitalists help out. They ensure that care is optimally managed, and they:

  • make the hospital stay more personalized and service oriented;
  • adjust care more promptly when needed;
  • provide the benefit of their complete familiarity with the medical center’s procedures and resources.
Lourdes’ hospitalists care for admitted patients Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Contact them at Lourdes’ dedicated hospitalist number: 856-912-2402.
Partnering to make staff care better

Tens of thousands of hospitalists now practice in thousands of hospitals in the U.S. for a reason– they fill a need for enhanced medical-staff attention to the inpatient. Lourdes has always offered a depth of staff coverage that includes house staff and attending physicians 24/7. But hospitalists serve as an adjunct to this structure, one that increases physician oversight of each case.

The hospitalist:

  • improves continuity and quality of care
  • makes care consistent with the referring doctor’s input
  • keeps the referring doctor informed.

Hospitalists help to coordinate and achieve consensus promptly when needed. They serve to:

  • follow-up on all orders and prevent unnecessary duplication of care;
  • monitor that care follows accepted, evidence-based care pathways;
  • improve the responsiveness of all aspects of care in order to help staff, family and the referring physician.

Hospitalists provide advocacy in the interest of patients and referring physicians.

Conforming care and consults to the referrer’s wishes, as possible
An inpatient’s experience should conform as much as possible to the preferences and guidance of his or her referring physician. In addition, the specialists caring for that patient should be those that the referring physician would select.
Whether resulting from elective or emergency admission, patients’ care should reflect the very reasons their doctor has referred directly them to Lourdes. Lourdes hospitalists can help ensure that this care comes from the providers and resources that the referrer knows and trust.
Attending with honed hospital skills–throughout the patient stay

Hospitalists help to coordinate the transition into hospital care and back out to the primary care physician, or to specialist care for follow-up. The hospitalist turns to referrers for their detailed knowledge of the patient and makes sure that the community doctor has access to the details of hospital care.

Research shows that the hospitalist’s role can reduce length of stay and treatment costs, and improve overall efficiency of care for hospitalized patients.

Patients in intensive care units benefit from the care of the intensivist and the hospitalist. However, the hospitalist continues with the case as the patient steps down to regular hospital units. This preserves continuity in the care team.

These staff members also order home healthcare, such as visiting nurses or therapists, for transition to the primary clinician’s attention thereafter.

The hospitalist improves communication to patients, increases patient safety and helps to prevent avoidable readmissions.

Lourdes hospitalists: here for physicians and their patients

Hospitalists have strong internal medicine backgrounds and concentrated experience in inpatient and consultative care, in hospice and palliative care, and in operational aspects of medicine. Though their field is relatively new, the hospitalists at Lourdes have completed focused training at university hospitals and are board-certified internists with a concentration in hospital care.

Hospitalists are an asset for the referring physician.

Lourdes’ hospitalists encourage referring physicians to provide contact information directly to them and specify their wishes on how, and how often, they would like updates on their patients. They are happy to meet personally with referring physicians and to hear from them. Referrers may specifically request Dr. McGann for their patients.  Lourdes hospitalists can be reached at  856-912-2402.

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