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Tuition and Fees

The following information is applicable only for currently enrolled students through the Class of 2021:

Tuition is determined by the NAP’s academic affiliate, Drexel University. Currently the cost per credit is $1,002.00. The total tuition cost of attendance is approximately $94,188.00, plus fees, books, and personal living expenses. Financial aid is available through the Drexel University financial aid department for qualified candidates.  

Additional non- refundable administrative fees include:

  1. Application fee ($65.00 — payable to Drexel University)
  2. Seat deposit ($1000.00 — payable to Drexel University, applied toward tuition)
  3. AANA student membership ($200.00- payable to NBCRNA)
  4. Criminal Background Investigation fee -includes a background investigation, drug test, immunization tracker, abuse clearance (approx. $160.00 – Payable to CastleBranch). Some municipalities, i.e. New York municipalities, may incur other costs.
  5. Automated Clinical Records Set Up fee ($100.00 Payable to Typhon Group)
  6. Fees per quarter-term (Outlined on each tuition bill)
  7. One-time National Certification Exam (NCE) Fee ($995 collected through the quarterly fees)
  8. 45 CEUs at student’s expense

Other expenses:

  1. Textbooks
  2. Laptop computer to be utilized for exam administration
  3. Clinical equipment i.e. stethoscope and appropriate OR shoes
  4. Transportation, parking fees, and meals for clinical rotations are the responsibility of the student

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