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Transfer Credits

The following information is applicable only to currently enrolled students through the Class of 2021:

Students enrolled in the program may transfer up to 6 credits, contingent upon approval. Only graduate level credits may transfer. All transfer credit must have a grade of B or higher (3.0). The usual time a course from another institution may be valid for transfer is 5 years from the completion of the course until the time of matriculation.

Drexel Admissions and Academic Student Services Manager will make the determination of the applicability of the previously completed coursework to the course the student wishes to receive credit. It is the responsibility of the student to provide a copy of the course description and course objectives to the Drexel Admissions and Academic Student Services Manager.

The student must apply for transfer credit prior to the start of the NAP program. Requests will not be considered after the start of the program.

Upon satisfactory completion of the Clinical Practicum, a total of 23 quarter credit hours will be recorded on the MSN transcript at Drexel.

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