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What is the Colleague Giving Campaign?

Lourdes Health System’s Colleague Giving Campaign is a partnership for giving. This is a workplace campaign at Lourdes Health System managed by Lourdes Health Foundation and designed to raise funds for: Cardiac Services, Mission, Spirit of Nursing, Patient Care Equipment, Area of Greatest Need and Mental Health Services. It’s easy and convenient — every pay period, starting July 2016, a portion of your check, in an amount you decide, is automatically deducted and directed to the program of your choice. You can also make a donation by check, credit card or payroll deduction.

How do I make a contribution/pledge?

You should have received a letter and contribution/pledge form at your home from Alexander Hatala, President & CEO. Complete the contribution/pledge form and return it to Lourdes Health Foundation in an interoffice envelope. Or go to the following link and pledge on line by payroll deduction, pay by credit card or request a form from your leader.

What programs can receive funds?

Each year, the campaign will highlight several patient-centered initiatives. Here are the funds for this year:

  • Cardiac Services
  • Patient Care Equipment
  • Mission Services
  • Spirit of Nursing
  • Area of Greatest Need
  • Mental Health Services
Can I make a one-time donation?

Yes, you can check off the box on the contribution/pledge form for a one-time donation.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, your donation is tax deductible. If you donate using payroll deduction, you may claim the tax deduction in the year the donations are deducted from your pay. If you donate using check or credit card, you may claim a donation in the year you make the donation.

I can’t give that much; will my donation help?

Your donation is an investment in patient care. Regardless of your budget, you WILL make a difference and ALL donations count.

I hear there is a giveaway? How do I qualify?

We appreciate your generosity and to thank you for participating in the Colleague Giving Campaign. Anyone who contributes $1 a week or $52 or more is eligible for the giveaway.

I hear there are prizes? How do I qualify?

We appreciate your generosity and to thank you for participating in the Colleague Giving Campaign. Anyone who contributes any amount to the Colleague Giving Campaign is eligible for entry into weekly random drawings for a prize.

If I opt for payroll deduction, when can I expect my donation to begin to be deducted out of my paycheck?

Payroll deductions will begin with the first pay period in July 2016 (there are 26 pay periods per year). If you made a 1-year commitment, your commitment will end the last pay period in June 2017.

If I leave Lourdes, will I be responsible to pay off my commitment?

Gifts are voluntary and your pledge represents an informal agreement to complete your commitment. We hope that Colleagues who leave Lourdes will honor their commitment.

I currently contribute to United Way and have designated Lourdes as the recipient of my donation, Does that count as a contribution?

Any designations to Lourdes Health System from United Way are deeply appreciated, but starting this year, we would like Colleagues to donate directly to Lourdes. Direct donations ensure that 100% of your gift goes to Lourdes whereas with United Way, they deduct an administrative fee.

Will I be recognized for my contribution?

All colleagues making a donation (at any level) will be acknowledged for their

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