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Spring 2008

Prepare for Pregnancy Before You Get Pregnant

Is a baby in your plans? If so, you’ll want to be in the best possible physical condition before becoming a mom. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for many moms-to-be,…

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Reduce SIDS – Place Babies on Their Backs for Sleep

An infant wears a Lourdes Sleep Sack.Do you know the best way to reduce a baby’s risk of dying from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS? SIDS is the leading…

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Should You Try T’ai Chi?

T’ai chi consists of a set of specific, linked postures. During the exercise, practitioners shift their body weight through a series of light, controlled movements while concentrating on deep breathing….

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Something New Under the Sun: UV-Protective Clothing

About 1 million Americans will develop skin cancer this year, according to the National Cancer Institute. Over the course of a lifetime, one in five Americans will develop the condition….

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The Vitamin D Connection: A Little Sunlight Goes a Long Way

Can you get a “healthy” dose of sun? Here are some facts that should shed light on the question: Sunlight helps the body make its own supply of vitamin D….

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Tired, Cramped Legs: A Warning Sign of … Heart Troubles?

More than 12 million Americans are living with a condition that greatly increases their risk of having a heart attack or stroke: peripheral arterial disease (PAD), a cardiovascular disease that…

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Wellness Happenings

Lourdes Wellness Center offers a variety of lectures, support groups and fitness programs to help you be your best! For more information, call  (856) 869-3125  or visit our Web site,…

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When Does a Cut Need Stitches?

Nearly everyone has faced this scenario: A family member has accidentally cut themselves. Whether it was from a kitchen accident while cutting a bagel or your child has fallen and…

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Why Support Lourdes Health Foundation?

Project Hope is one of the many programs supported by the Foundation.When individuals support events such as The Dance, they are investing in the Lourdes Health System and the community….

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