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Letter from the President: There’s No Substitute for Healthy Habits

Americans tend to want things in a hurry. Thanks to developments in technology, we can get goods and services more quickly than ever before. With the Internet, we can do…

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Lourdes Making A Difference in Camden

Earlier this year, ABC News’ “20/20” program featured a story on the plight of children in Camden, “Waiting for the World to Change The Hopes, Dreams and Hardships of Children…

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Lourdes Opens Stroke Center

When you have a stroke, timing is everything. Getting to a hospital that provides advanced diagnostic equipment, specially trained staff and the latest medications can make the difference between recovery…

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Lourdes Provides Dialysis Services at a Location Near You

If diabetes or hypertension becomes so severe that the kidneys cease to function properly, renal dialysis may be required. Lourdes Health System’s expansive dialysis programs perform more than 45,000 inpatient…

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Lourdes Tackles Obesity in Hispanic Children

While there is a growing epidemic of obesity among all children, the problem is magnified in the Hispanic community. Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center is addressing the problem by…

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Migraines and Hormones: What’s the Link?

Individuals who suffer from migraines are acutely aware that when one of these throbbing headaches hits, the day is pretty much over. Take some powerful pain reliever and isolate yourself…

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Pre-Diabetes: Recognizing the Risks

At least 54 million Americans older than age 20 have pre-diabetes, a condition in which blood sugar levels are higher than normal but not high enough to be true diabetes….

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The Lourdes New Vision Program: Providing Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Adults seeking treatment for drug and alcohol dependency and related health conditions can now turn to the Lourdes Health System’s New Vision © program, a new emergency medical and surgical…

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There is No Such Thing as a Healthy Tan: Skin Cancer on the Rise

Spring and summer aren’t the only times to be concerned about skin cancer. It’s the yearround, day-to-day sun exposure that can add up to the disease, the most common cancer…

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Volunteer Profile: Reginald Beckett

The Lourdes Health Foundation is proud to have community service-minded men and women serving as members of our board–individuals such as Reginald Beckett. Mr. Beckett, a retired law enforcement official,…

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