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Fall 2007

Lourdes Opens Center for Hepatitis C, Liver Disease Treatment

A diagnosis of hepatitis should always be taken seriously. Chronic, untreated hepatitis can lead to cirrhosis, liver cancer or death. The Lourdes Southern New Jersey Center for Liver Disease is…

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Lourdes Surgeon Named to Regional Post

Arnold Baskies, M.D., Chief of the Section of General, Oncologic and Breast Surgery at Lourdes Medical Center of Burlington County, has been named Chief Medical Officer for the American Cancer…

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Lourdes’ daVinci System Available for Gynecologic Surgery

Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center now offers gynecologic surgery using the da Vinci S Robotic Surgical System. Howard M. Saul, D.O., and Gerald V. Burke, M.D., perform hysterectomies, fibroid…

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Robotics and Gynecologic Surgery: Science Fact, Not Fiction

It may sound like science fiction, but robots are becoming a reality in the operating room. One example? Gynecologic surgery. For women undergoing these procedures, robotics mean surgery with less…

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Shedding New Light on Heart Failure in African Americans

Heart failure cuts across all ethnicities, affecting about 5 million people in this country. But African Americans suffer nearly twice the rate of heart failure as Caucasians. They also are…

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Support for Parents of Premature Babies

The excitement of having a new baby often is replaced with fear and worry for parents whose babies are born extremely prematurely or with severe medical problems. Thanks to a…

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The Medical Benefits of Massage

Stiff necks and aching backs aren’t the only ailments aided by massage. A growing body of evidence suggests that massage can improve a variety of conditions — as a primary…

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Trying to Lose Weight? Watch What You Drink!

One in three people in the United States is obese, while more than half of all Americans are considered overweight. This is a significant increase from just 20 years ago,…

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