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Statement from Lourdes Health System, St. Francis Medical Center and Trinity Health regarding the proposed American Health Care Act

Lourdes Health System and St. Francis Medical Center believe that access to people-centered health care and adequate health insurance coverage are fundamental human rights. We are part of Trinity Health, and our shared Mission calls on us to serve in the spirit of Catholic social teachings, which guide our long-established commitment to advocating for universal access to health insurance coverage and health care in the United States. Our Mission and Core Values also call upon us to pay particular attention to caring for people who are poor and vulnerable.

We believe people-centered care begins with people covered. Over the past nine years, in the 22 states we serve and at the federal level, Trinity Health has supported many proposed health care reforms that are consistent with our values and that expand meaningful coverage and access to care. We have supported innovative ways to expand Medicaid, including the Healthy Indiana Plan and the Healthy Michigan Plan. We support state flexibility when the outcome is expanded access to coverage for all. We also are committed to transforming our delivery system to provide high-value care so that coverage is affordable.

We have reviewed the House of Representatives’ proposed American Health Care Act. Unfortunately, we cannot support the bill, because the proposed approach violates most of the principles we have established for evaluating health care reform. If enacted, the House bill would:

  1. Decrease the number of covered individuals over the next five years;
  2. Provide inadequate coverage for those who remain covered;
  3. Shift funding responsibility to those who can least afford it, especially middle income and lower income families, older people, and people who are sick;
  4. Underfund services to the families at the lowest end of our socioeconomic system; and
  5. Force states to underfund or eliminate coverage for the most vulnerable through per capita grants.

As always, we remain open to exploring flexible, alternative approaches to providing access to coverage and care for all in the United States. We look forward to working with the Administration, Congress and others at the federal and state levels who are interested in pursuing these goals. We are hopeful that there are bipartisan, public-private solutions that help our nation move forward in caring for everyone.

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