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New Minimally Invasive Robot-Guided Spine Surgery Program Offered at Lourdes Burlington

Lourdes Medical Center of Burlington County is now the first hospital in South Jersey to offer patients a pioneering new robotic-guided system designed to offer surgeons increased precision during orthopedic spine surgery.

The state-of-the-art Mazor Robotics Renaissance ® Guidance System, which is being offered internationally at select centers, can mean faster recovery and less pain for patients. Additional benefits include smaller incisions, shorter operative times, shorter hospitalization, lower complication rates, and less x-ray radiation exposure during spine procedures.1

“Having this first-of-its-kind robotic guidance system at Lourdes will enable us to perform complex spinal surgeries in an even more precise and effective manner, leading to the best possible outcomes for our patients,” said Dr. Jeffrey Gleimer, orthopedic surgeon with Lourdes. “As the only South Jersey hospital to offer this robotic-guidance technology, Lourdes is on the forefront of treating spine surgery patients.”

The minimally-invasive spine surgery system is part of an overall orthopedic services expansion at Lourdes Medical Center of Burlington County, with development of a newly designated Orthopedic Surgery Center currently underway. Lourdes is also collaborating with new physicians to complement its orthopedic surgery team in providing top-notch orthopedic care to the community.

The Mazor system will be used for a wide-range of spinal procedures, including biopsies, thoracic and lumbar spinal fusion, and reconstruction for a wide variety of debilitating conditions, such as scoliosis (abnormal curves in the spinal column) and spondylolisthesis (when one vertebra slips forward onto the vertebrae below it).

Here’s how the technology works:

  • First, surgeons use Renaissance software to pre-plan a patient’s spine surgery using a 3D model of the spinal anatomy based on the patient’s most recent CT scan.
  • In the operating room, once planning is complete, a mounting platform is selected. Depending on the type of surgery, surgeons can choose from four different platforms. Each option creates a system that rigidly attaches to the patient’s spine to ensure maximum accuracy is maintained.
  • After the mounting technology is in place, the Mazor system matches in real time the pre-operative plan with intra-operative x-ray images of the patient’s spine.
  • Finally, once the sync is complete, the system guides a robotic arm along the spine to help the surgeon pinpoint the precise location to place his or her tools for the greatest accuracy and safest placement of screws and other hardware. The surgeon is then ready to operate.

With the Renaissance system’s 1.5mm accuracy, the robotic guidance technology can increase the accuracy of screws and other hardware placement compared to freehand spine surgery.2

“Spinal surgery has little room for error,” said Dr. Gleimer. “Increased accuracy is especially critical when you are millimeters away from nerves, major blood vessels and other vital structures. This type of technology allows surgeons to operate more effectively and safely.”

Dr. Gleimer says that with freehand spine surgery, most patients have a three-month recovery.   However, with the Mazor system, recovery time may be decreased to about two weeks.

Research shows that patients who have surgery performed with the Mazor system can experience faster recovery time, allowing them to return to their normal daily activities in less time than those who received surgeries via traditional methods.1

Dr. Gleimer adds, “The bottom line is that the more we can see the in-depth anatomy of a patient prior to surgery, the better we can plan. With the Mazor system’s precise technology, we can execute a smoother procedure. By embracing this new technology, Lourdes can improve upon the innovation it’s known for and offer the best possible option for spine care patients.”

To learn more about Orthopedic services at Lourdes, or for more information on the Mazor system, please call 1-888-847-8823.

Learn more by clicking here.

1Kantelhardt SR, Martinez R, Baerwinkel S, Burger R, Giese A, Rohde V. Perioperative course and accuracy of screw positioning in conventional, open robotic-guided and percutaneous robotic-guided, pedicle screw placement. Eur Spine J. 2011;20(6):860-868.

2Devito DP, Kaplan L, Dietl R, et al. Clinical acceptance and accuracy assessment of spinal implants guided with SpineAssist surgical robot: retrospective study. Spine. 2010;35(24):2109-2115.



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